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Filing Corporate tax return late when owing a balance can lead to costly late filing penalties up to 50% of your owing.

The CRA can also initiate legal actions against taxpayers who have not filed corporate taxes. 

If you owe taxes, the interests are compounded daily. Delay Only makes it worse.

How We Can Take Care of Your Tax Problems

Prevent Legal Actions*

Optimize Tax Result

Stop Late Penalties

Proactive & Comprehensive Services to Avoid additional Legal Actions by the CRA.

We Optimize Your Corporate Tax Result within The Legal Boundary.

Prompt Actions to Stop Late Filing Penalties with Worry Free, Professional Works.

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What Our Clients Say

"After getting threatening letters from the tax agent for not filing taxes for our family owned business for many years, we found Tax 911 Now for help. They were quite experienced and had pretty good understanding of our situations. They fixed our tax problems in a matter of a few weeks. Now we are clear and clean with the government on taxes. Our business are back to normal and the stressful days were over."

"The revenue agent was very aggressive and gave me an impossible deadline to file corporate taxes for many years. Plus, my restaurant business had tons of receipts and bills. Concerned about what might happen if I miss the due date, I asked Tax 911 for help since the agent would not allow for more time. Tax 911 helped to negotiate with the agent to accept first a few years taxes by the deadline and file the remaining years within another due date. That gave me some breathing room since I have to run my business when all these were going on. Tax 911 worked hard and stayed on top of the due dates and managed to meet all the deadlines. They also helped me to claim some expenses that had been long forgotten by me. The revenue agent finally left me alone at the end. I need to thank Tax 911 for doing this for me."

"I just wanted to thank you so much for doing all my overdue business taxes. I can't believe that I owed so little taxes. I really thought it would be so much higher. You did an absolutely wonderful job and I am very grateful."

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Corporation Tax Return and Filling

Do you have overdue Corporation Tax Returns? Or have you missed the due dates given by the CRA? Worry no more. We will provide you with prompt and affordable Corporate Tax Return services to help you ease your worries. Corporation Tax Filing can cause a lot of stress. We can save you from legal trouble by taking the necessary action. We can also stop late Corporation Tax Filing penalties so that you need not have to pay extra money unnecessarily. We will also help you to optimize your tax results to save you money.

Our Corporation Tax Return services are of the top qualities. Due to our established reputation for high service quality, the CRA typically accepts our filing results without pushing back. In addition to adhering to high standards, we also fulfill our duties with integrity and professionalism. Knowing you are paying the penalties and interests due to unfiled Corporation Tax Returns, it is important that you get the best help right away. We offer top quality service with affordable fees. The best part is that we offer complimentary free initial consultation. So take action and contact us today. We will respond to your inquiry within hours.

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