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Need CRA Tax Audit Help?

Running a business can be a life full of pressure. Customers have demands that need to be met, vendors need to be paid, and problems constantly arise that have to be solved quickly. With everything that goes on during the typical course of a day, it is no surprise that some details slip through the cracks. Unfortunately for many companies, these details often are related to their finances.

The overlooked items may start out small, but over time they compound until the business is faced with major accounting errors. The truly unfortunate part is they may never even realize it until an auditor starts to look through their books. Rather than face a hefty tax bill, use our experts at Tax 911 Now for all CRA tax audit help in Toronto. All businesses may feel they need tax relief of some kind or another, but for those backed into a corner by an impending audit, the feeling of being trapped is even more intense. That is why our professionals at Tax 911 Now are there night and day to give companies the relief they need by offering CRA tax audit help. 


Your own CRA tax audit help

The first and most immediate relief our clients experience is finally having representation. They no longer are forced to deal with CRA auditors themselves. At Tax 911 Now, our experts are some of the best in their field for negotiating CRA tax audit help in Toronto and appealing unfair findings. Unfortunately, CRA agents can sometimes exploit a company’s lack of tax knowledge to force it to pay bigger penalties. They even threaten criminal prosecution in some cases. With Tax 911 Now’s CRA tax audit help, these fears quickly fade away for our clients.


You Can Afford It

Once a settlement is reached, our professionals will make sure our clients have a monthly payment plan that fits easily within their budgets. Many of our clients are afraid to come to us because they think their taxes and fees are so substantial that they can never get out from underneath them. They wait until the CRA threatens to lean out their property or freeze their bank accounts. No tax issue is too small or too large to find relief.


You Do Not Have to Get Behind

For further information about Tax 911 Now or to have us start relieving your tax stress, call our professionals at 1-877-918-2991 or visit us at 129 Telson Road, Suite # 100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4. Our experts will be happy to help and provide any CRA tax audit help necessary in Toronto and other cities in Canada. Remember it is never too late to rectify a bad tax situation. The dedication of our staff is second to none, and we will work tirelessly to find answers to any and all of our clients’ problems. Still feeling unsure? Take advantage of our free consultation to begin to find the CRA tax audit help your business needs. Do not let the fear of a tax audit cripple your company, call us today and find relief at 1-877-918-2991.

Need a Tax Amnesty Agent?

Need a tax amnesty agent? The perfect place for you to go is Tax 911 now if you are in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and more. We have a long history of helping clients resolve their tax problems. 


Tax Amnesty Agents

Find a tax agent to help you with tax amnesty to determine which option is best in your specific scenario. It is also known as tax pardon or VDP (Voluntary Disclosure Program). If you didn’t file your tax returns or under reported your income, a tax agent at Tax 911 Now is the answer.

If you have late filing tax debts and unreported income, it is essential you go to tax amnesty agent today to resolve your tax issues. They are extremely professional and highly-qualified in the tax industry. They completely understand the CRA and the Voluntary Disclosure as well. If you attempt to deal with it on your own, you have the potential of ruining your chances at tax amnesty.


Extensive History

Tax 911 Now has an extensive history with helping clients resolve their tax problems by filing voluntary disclosures. A major benefit associated with using Tax 911 Now for your tax amnesty agent is the fact that we handle all of the negotiating for you and will reach an excellent settlement. The CRA can be quite aggressive at times and once they contact you, you will lose the privilege of completing voluntary disclosures; therefore, it is essential you act in a timely manner.

Tax amnesty agents in Toronto at Tax 911 Now will be sure to guide you in through the tax process and eliminate the hassle of you having to deal with the CRA. We will orchestrate a strategy for your tax amnesty and take the stress off your shoulders. There is no doubt that Tax 911 Now’s agents are efficient in solving tax problems. We have the necessary training and knowledge in tax issues.


Free Consultation with one of the tax amnesty agents

You can get a free consultation with one of the tax amnesty agents at Tax 911 Now regarding tax amnesty and they will be sure to address all of your needs. Be sure to act quickly before it’s too late and the CRA takes action against you. They will analyze and go over all of your tax problems at the consultation and it will be up to you to decide what you wish to do. There isn’t any pressure involved.

It is evident that Tax 911 Now is the ideal place to go for a tax amnesty agent if you are in the Toronto, York, or Durham Region and other areas across Canada. Don’t worry about your under-reported income or tax penalties any longer, we are here to help you. The tax amnesty agents are very professional and dedicated to their clients. You are more than welcome to come to our location at 129 Telson Road, Suite 100, Markham, ON, L3R 1E4. You may also call us at 1-877-918-2991; feel free to address your tax troubles with us. We are understanding, compassionate people.

Need Tax Amnesty Agents to Help You with the CRA?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has a Voluntary Disclosures Program to assist taxpayers with disclosing information about prior tax affairs that need to be resolved. If you live in Toronto, the York Region or the Durham Region and you are delinquent due to known inaccuracies, incomplete information or a failure to submit your income taxes, Tax 911 Now will assist you in making disclosure to the CRA. The professional tax amnesty agents at Tax 911 Now can shelter you from late filing penalties and prosecution through the program. In some cases, Tax 911 Now may negotiate a reduction in interest on your behalf. 


Tax amnesty agents are the experts

In order to qualify for amnesty, a written submission that discloses your tax liability must be voluntarily provided to the CRA. Participation in the tax amnesty program is totally dependent upon your voluntary disclosure. As such, you must initiate disclosure before an enforcement action is levied against you. If you wait until an enforcement action has been initiated against you, your disclosure is no longer considered voluntary. Tax 911 Now will initiate your voluntary disclosure by providing the CRA with properly documented disclosure information and any necessary supporting documentation. Without proper documentation, your request for amnesty may be delayed or declined.

Toronto area Tax 911 Now tax amnesty agents are experts in getting you amnesty for your personal or business income taxes, GST/HST and charges due and owing under the Income Tax Act. Voluntary disclosure becomes effective on the day that Tax 911 Now amnesty agents contact the CRA on your behalf. A partial disclosure of information is sufficient to establish an effective disclosure date, but you may still be subject to penalties and prosecution for the undisclosed portion of your tax obligations if the undisclosed amount is considered to be substantial. There must be some agreement with the CRA regarding when the undisclosed information will be provided.


Contact tax amnesty agent now before it is too late.

If you are in the Toronto area or other areas across Canada, such as Calgary, Vancouver, etc. and have outstanding tax obligations, you need to contact Tax 911 Now and set up a time to speak with one of our dedicated tax amnesty agents before the government becomes aware of your tax delinquency. That is not to say that you will have no financial responsibility under tax amnesty. You will still be responsible to pay any outstanding taxes owed as well as any applicable interest assessed on the delinquent tax amount at the time of the disclosure. No late filing penalty will be assessed. What you will be given amnesty for is late filing penalties, civil penalties and prosecution. In some cases, a reduction in the assessed interest may be negotiated. The only exception is if it is voluntarily disclosed that you failed to file your return, as opposed to under-reporting income or misappropriating funds on a filed return, you will only be responsible to pay the tax amount owed for that filing.


Payment Plans

You should be prepared to pay your tax obligation, although decreased, in full immediately or request that your Tax 911 Now tax amnesty agent engage you in an affordable payment arrangement. Tax 911 Now agents are expert negotiators who will assess your finances and negotiate the most affordable payment schedule based on your financial situation. Scheduled payments may then be paid directly to the CRA.

If you are located in Toronto, the York Region, the Durham Region or other regions across Canada, call and talk to one of our dedicated and professional tax amnesty agents. Call Tax 911 Now team at 1-877-918-2991.

Five Income Tax Preparation Tips!

Each year tax season seems to come out of nowhere and we all scramble like mad to get our paperwork in order for our income tax preparation to be done by the Income Tax Accountant. What if it didn’t have to be that way, what if you were organized all along the way? With just a few simple tips you can be well prepared for tax time. You can make your accountant happy and file your income tax preparation with ease. You don’t have to think of everything, in fact you should be consulting the experts at Tax 911 Now. The tax qualified pros at Tax 911 Now serve the Toronto, York region Durham Region and more, helping worried tax payers meet the tax deadline. Let the experts at Tax 911 Now determine which deductions and tax credits are available to you, ensuring you get the best tax result. Claiming all of your deductions and using all of your available tax credits means you will get the biggest tax refund available to you. 


  1. Consult a tax professional: if you live in the greater Toronto area consult the pros at Tax 911 Now, let them help you get ready for your income tax preparation.
  2. Create a personalized checklist: Create a checklist of paperwork you need to take to your tax preparer, attach the checklist to a folder and check off the items as you put them in the folder.
  3. Keep tax papers in one place: Set aside a shelf or a drawer where you will keep all of your papers for income tax preparation purpose, that way come tax time you don’t have to look through your entire home or office.
  4. Categorize documents and receipts as you go: buy an expandable file folder and label the tabs, spend a few minutes each week filing your receipts away. This will save you hours or work at income tax preparation time!
  5. Make a list of questions for your Income Tax Accountant: When you think of a question or concern that you have make a note of it, that way when you are ready to come for your income tax preparation. 


Don’t let tax season get you down, be prepared for your tax return and get some professional help, Tax 911 Now offers solutions and immediate action to your tax concerns. Tax 911 Now specializes in tax resolution, no matter your situation, we can help. If you live in the greater Toronto area, York Region or Durham Region come for a visit with the tax professionals at Tax 911 Now. Our staff is professional and dedicated to help you with your income tax preparation. Call today, 1-877-918-2991 or come to our office located at 129 Telson Road, Suite # 100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4

Quality Tax Return Help in Canada

We have met many taxpayers who have learned tax lessons the hard way. Taxpayers, who self-prepare tax returns, have a higher risk of making just one critical error on a tax return, to cause big tax problems in the future. 

Tax 911 Now handles a wide range of tax problems including unfiled tax returns. We listen to all tax concerns and devise strategies to ensure the taxpayers not to be in trouble with the Canadian government.

Tax Return Preparation Tips in Canada 

  1. Consults with an excellent tax consultant about your tax return, this will help ensure there will be no worries about having to deal with serious future tax problems. 
  2. Ask Tax 911 Now to be your authorized tax representative and the point of contact for Canada Reserve Agency in the event they have questions. The taxpayer does not normally have to contact the Canada Reserve Agency when a third party is authorized. 
  3. Ask your preparer if that are knowledgeable about interest charged and penalties possibly imposed on the taxpayer. This company may be able to obtain an approval under either the VDP or Taxpayer Relief programs of Canada. 
  4. Taxpayers should not file an amended tax return to correct an error. The Canada Reserve Agency requires taxpayers use a T1-Adjustment Request form. 
  5. Do not risk a penalty by filing taxes after April 30. 
  6. Taxpayer should not show extreme negligent by failing to report income taxes. The penalty for this could cause the taxpayer to pay up 50 percent of your taxes owed. 
  7. Self employed Canadian citizens need to file income taxes by June 15 or risk paying a large penalty. 
  8. If a taxpayer does not have the money to pay to the government they still need to file on time. 
  9. If the taxpayer does not have all their information by the due date. The forms still need to be submitted with the best estimated amount. 
  10. Do not stop paying tax arrears when money is owed on current tax returns. Our professionals can help to deal directly with CRA on your tax debts. 

Tax 911 Now are the expert in tax preparation

Remember, never hand over any financial or personal information to CRA before consulting Tax 911 Now.  Organize all tax related information and call for a tax appointment today at 1-877-918-2991. Stop in to speak with one of our seasoned tax professionals about a return or tax problem. We are located at 129 Telson Road, Suite #100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4, and welcome a visit. We are your key to solving all tax concerns.

CRA Tax Audit Problem

There is nothing more unsettling and unpleasant than CRA tax audit problems that can engage a myriad of consequences. For example, you have just received a notice that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Auditor is going to audit your tax return. 


CRA tax audit problem and consequences

When you face CRA tax audit problems, this is when you either decide that you do have a clear trail and the audit actually will vindicate your tax return, or you realize there is trouble ahead because your tax records are either skimpy or questionably supportive. The latter, of course, could result in subsequently receiving a Proposal Letter from CRA auditor with its findings for reassessment and taxes due.

During CRA tax audit, the auditor allows you to respond to a Proposal Letter with documentation further supporting the initial tax return within 30 days. Will you be able to provide that further documentation? Your CRA tax audit problem will be compounded if you decide, nevertheless, to defend the integrity of your initial return. You will be faced with filing systematic disputes and appeals each with varying rules, guidelines and responsive deadlines.


The potential costs of a CRA tax audit problem

Your CRA tax audit problems might drag on for months or longer. The end result could be a losing battle with additional taxes owing. It could also waste your valuable time. Now you will be responsible for a reassessed tax with possible penalties and compounded interest snowballed daily. This unexpected turn of events also might burden you with the stress of a lump sum tax payment for which you have to negotiate installment payments. Perhaps, the whole matter will no longer be viewed as unsettling and unpleasant but absolutely nightmarish.

Professional help on your CRA tax audit problem

Do not waste time worrying about an audit notice after the filing of your tax return. Seek professional help to save your time, cut the stress and the tax bill. At Tax 911Now, we have the knowledge and expertise to review your tax returns, identify the rationale for a CRA audit and devise the most effective method of handling your CRA tax audits. In any event, proven experience overshadows the false confidence of self help books and DIY (do it yourself) method trying to figure out things on the internet. Our team at Tax 911 Now will be able to guide you through all issues with their knowledge, experience and professionalism in handling CRA audits and resulting disputes and appeals.


Contact Tax 911 Now for your CRA tax audit problem!

You can contact Tax 911 Now to schedule a free consultation. Our tax consultant will give you a free Tax Analysis. Tax 911 Now is located at 129 Telson Road, Suite #100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4. If you prefer, simply call 1-877-918-2991 to talk with a tax consultant to help you begin clearing up your tax problems quickly, completely and affordably. Tax 911 Now services Toronto, York Region, Durham and more regions across Canada. Also visit the Tax 911 Now website at

CRA Tax Problems?

Do you have tax problems with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)? The tax problems may include unfiled taxes, large tax penalties and interests or audits by CRA? If you live near Toronto, York Region or Durham Region, our dedicated professionals at Tax 911 Now are available to help you. 


CRA Tax Problems Accumulated over Years

It can be hard to unravel big CRA tax problems on your own. That is why it is always best to have an expert help you when you face CRA tax problems that you have accumulated over years. We will take immediate action on your case, however the solution won’t happen overnight, especially since part of resolving the problem may involve making a deal with CRA. You don’t have to be concerned about the complicated process, however. The tax experts at Tax 911 Now will follow through until your tax problems are resolved.


We Don’t Judge

We understand that things happen in life for everyone. Sometimes, you don’t even think about things like unfiled taxes until CRA sends you a notice or letter. Whatever the reason for your CRA tax problems, we won’t judge you. We will listen to your concerns with compassion and will focus on a resolution to your problems and rather than the reasons why you have unfiled taxes.


Dealing with CRA Tax Problems

Even though our experts will do everything we can to assist you with CRA tax problems such as unfiled taxes, tax audit, tax collection, etc. sometimes you may have to interact with CRA. Here are a few tips to help you:


  1. Write down everything – when you called, who you spoke to, what questions you asked, what their response was. 
  2. Be respectful – even if you received an unpleasant notice from CRA, remain calm and polite while speaking with them. That way, you will be better able to focus on the questions you need to ask. 
  3. Don’t Wait – if you get a letter or phone call from CRA, take care of it right then. If you are working with one of our tax experts, let them know about the letter or phone call right away as well. 
  4. Ask for information in writing – if the CRA needs more information from you, you have the right to get the request in writing. This will allow you time to get your paperwork together and also allow time for our representative to review the request. 
  5. CRA isn’t always right – everyone makes mistakes, even CRA. If you have done everything you can and still believe that you are in the right, remember that the law gives you the right to take them to Tax Court. (This is not as expensive or complicated as you might think). 


Call us at Tax 911 Now Today

If you have serious CRA tax problems, such as unfiled taxes, tax audit, large tax debts, etc. and live near Toronto, York or Durham or other regions in Canada, the tax professionals at Tax 911 Now want to help you. You can stop by our office located at 129 Telson Road, Suite #100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4. You can also call us at 1-877-918-2991. We are waiting to help you to fight with your tax problems. Contact us today.

Tax 911 Now and Tax Amnesty

Falling behind on your taxes is never desirable. However, sometimes there isn’t much you can do about it. Whether you forget to file or you just don’t have the money to pay the taxes, eventually you might lag behind and, without notice, the government can come knocking on your door. Nobody wants to deal with the government and taxes, but if you are behind, that is exactly what is going to happen. Before the government comes calling for the taxes, it is time to give us a call. At Tax 911 Now, we are able to work with you and the government in order to negotiate through tax amnesty program that can control the damage from tax trouble. A tax amnesty is something that is going to drastically help you reduce the amount of money you have to pay. 


What is Tax Amnesty?

When it comes to under-reported taxes or falling behind, there is generally a limited window of opportunity for taxpayers to be able to apply for the tax amnesty program to avoid prosecution, get penalties waived and even have interests reduced. With the help of a professional tax team like we have at Tax 911 Now, the government brings down the amount taxpayers may owe. There are different circumstances that bring about the tax amnesty, with our help, you can find out if you qualify and if it is something that is suitable for you to go through.


What are the Benefits?

There are several benefits of tax amnesty. For starters, you do not have to pay the penalties amount that you normally would. On top of this, you do not have to worry about criminal prosecution, the interests may not be as big when paying the amount back. This way, you only have to pay the set amount back determined by the tax amnesty and no more. This is, of course, as long as you are honest with your tax information. If you make false or incomplete claim, CRA may come back later to audit, you might run into more serious tax issues.

Contact Tax 911 Now before CRA contacts you. Keep in mind, to qualify for the tax amnesty, you need to voluntarily disclose your tax issues. If CRA sends a letter or makes a call to you, then it is too late. You will have no choice but to face heavy penalties, or worse, prosecution. Call us at 1-877-918-2991 Today before it is too late!


Tax Preparation Service

If you are like millions of other individuals throughout Canada, you might not be happy with the numbers for your final tax bill or tax returns. Perhaps you thought you should receive more than what your calculations are showing, or maybe you have to pay an amount that just doesn’t seem right. While you probably have done everything you can with the tax preparation, it might just be time to call tax professionals for help. At Tax 911 Now, we are going to make sure you receive professional assistance from our experienced team. We spend all these years focusing on tax rules and regulations, so we know how to better leverage the knowledge to bring you the best tax benefits. With this help, your probability of improving your tax return and reducing your tax bills increases significantly.


Tax Preparation Service Assistance

Our professional tax accountant team at Tax 911 Now knows where to look to spot those areas that you might have missed when help clients with the tax preparation. While you may have filled out everything correctly, there are some deductions, write offs and other areas in the ever changing Income Tax Act that are incredibly easy to miss. If you miss the information, chances are the government is not going to correct it. When this happens, it is just like you are throwing away money simply because you didn’t know how to fill in some specific information. On top of all these, with your current work, family life and social life commitment, you just don’t have the necessary time to read up on the latest changes to the tax law and make the needed update or changes on your tax returns. So, instead of spending lots of time getting disappointing results, seek helps from experienced tax professionals for your tax preparation and you will be happy that you did it.


Late Tax Preparation Services Toronto

Of course, with so much going on in your life, it is incredibly easy to completely miss out on completing your taxes on time. Should this happen you need to know what to do and how to correct the situation. While filing the return and sending it in is part of the first step, our seasoned tax professionals know how to reduce penalties that might be associated with the late tax filing. Sometimes different events in life take place and there isn’t anything you can do about it. With our tax preparation assistance, you can breathe a bit easier.


Use the Best Tax Preparation Services

For the professional tax preparation assistance, feel free to contact and visit Tax 911 Now at our offices at 129 Telson Road, Suite # 100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4 or call us by phone at: 1-877-918-2991 for a free consultation.

Tax Preparation for Individuals and Businesses

Canadian tax rules and guidelines seem to change each year. It seems that tax system is forever complicated. Tax doesn’t have to be a hassle, in fact, with the right tax preparation team, tax season can be downright rewarding. If you live in Toronto or other cities in Canada and are concerned about your tax preparation, here are some tax preparation tips to help make filing your taxes easier. 


Toronto Tax Preparation for Individuals

According to the Canada Revenue Agency, some things that could help your tax preparation run a bit smoother are: set up direct deposit, save dependent care receipts, save charitable donation receipts, save retirement savings documents, save student tuition receipts, save first time home buyers documents, and more.

  • Direct Deposit
    Setting up direct deposit helps you be ready when you file your taxes. In some cases, it can even provide a quicker return. File on time to prevent late penalties and delays. 
  • Dependents
    The activities you sign your kids up for may provide additional tax savings, as well as, caring for dependents with physical or mental impairments, so be sure to save your receipts. 
  • Students
    You may be eligible to claim tuition, textbook, education amounts, and student loan interest, so be sure to save your school tuition statement. 
  • Charitable Donations
    Cash, goods, and land donations etc., made to a registered charity may be eligible for tax credits, so be sure to save all donation receipts. 
  • Retirement Savings Plans
    Contributions to your RRSP are tax deductible, so be sure to save all RRSP tax forms. 
  • First Time Homebuyers
    Homebuyers may be able to get tax credits for the purchase of their first home, so be sure to save all paperwork. 


Toronto Tax Preparation for Businesses

According to the CRA, business records, whether paper or electronic, must be reliable and complete, contain correct information you need for fulfilling your tax obligations and entitlements, and be sustained by supporting documents such as appointment books, log books, income tax, sales tax, GST/HST returns, tax/harmonized sales tax, scientific research and experimental vouchers and records, and certain accountants working papers. So, be sure to keep accurate accounts of these documents for tax preparation.


Tax Accountant Toronto

We are Tax 911 Now, we’re located in Greater Toronto Area, and we have a professional team of tax consultants. Our dedicated team of experienced tax professionals cover a wide range of individual and business tax services including tax return Toronto, late tax filing Toronto, CRA audit Toronto, Tax audit help Toronto, VDP Toronto, tax evasion Toronto, tax amnesty Toronto, tax lawyer, Toronto tax problems, Toronto cra tax appeal Toronto, tax objection Toronto, tax payment plan, Toronto CRA collection Toronto, CRA garnishments Toronto, CRA bank freeze Toronto, tax relief Toronto, taxpayer relief Toronto, and tax consultant Toronto, and more. At Tax 911 Now, we understand all about Toronto’s tax issues, rules, and regulations and are prepared to help you avoid the costly tax preparation mistakes that may trigger an audit. Tax 911 Now services the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and other regions of Canada. Call us for tax help today for free consultation.

Tax 911 Now
129 Telson Road Suite #100
Markham, Ontario
L3R 1E4

Six Essential Tax Preparation Tips

If your tax situation has gotten little more complicated this year, you’ll want to read this. At Tax 911 Now we have some tips to give you so that you can get your tax preparation completed as soon as possible. The sooner you file your taxes, the less money you’ll have to pay in penalties and interest. We tax professionals at Tax 911 Now will help you to get your taxes prepared quickly and accurately, and you will not have to worry anymore. Here are six steps to take to get ready for tax preparation with a tax professional:

  1. Know your social insurance number and gather the numbers for those who will be on your return.
  2. Gather information including tax information slips, and other information sent by employers, banks, and businesses.
  3. Be sure to have your information about other income including self-employment income and rental income etc.
  4. Have your personal income tax information on hand such as your RRSP contribution limit.
  5. Have your receipts for deductions ready. Your Tax 911 Now tax professional can help you know what expenses are deductible.
  6. When you are ready with your information, Call Tax 911 Now to make an appointment.


Late Tax Preparation

Even if you are late filing your taxes, Our Team at Tax 911 Now can help you take care of your problem.

You will still need the information listed above when you come for a visit with us in the Toronto area or other region in Ontario. The sooner you file your return, the better off you will be financially.


Tax Preparation to optimize your refund

You may think that you can prepare your own taxes, but if your situation is more complex than average, you will wish that you had called a professional sooner. If you want to optimize your tax and you live in the Toronto area or other nearby region of Ontario, we professionals at Tax 911 Now are available to help solve your problems.

The fees you will pay for professional services will be compensated for by the additional tax savings that you will get from our services. We give very professional, expert services enabling you to receive the optimum tax results. You will definitely want call Tax 911 Now for your tax preparation needs again next year. Many of our clients come back to us year after year for our superior services.

If you are thinking about tax preparation services, call a Tax 911 Now tax professional today at 1-877-918-2991 and come visit us at the office.  Why struggle and worry any more about your tax preparation? You have better things to do, and we can help you.

The address of our office is:

Tax 911 Now
129 Telson Road, Suite # 100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4

Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Tax Preparer

Tax is one of the constants in life. Although many folks out there don’t enjoy paying tax, they equally can’t run away from it. Every member of all classes of the population have an obligation to pay tax to the government in order to keep the government running smoothly and seamlessly. So, the government is pretty serious with tax collection and imposes hefty punishments, in some cases jail time, on tax defaulters. Therefore, to avoid these hefty punishments placed on tax defaulters and fulfill their obligations as good citizens, people have no option than to file their tax returns on a yearly basis.


Available options when filing

When it comes to filing tax returns, tax preparation is an important part of the process. An individual can choose any of the different options available to prepare his tax return. He can use the services of a licensed professional, online tax preparation software, or even prepare the tax returns himself if he can.


Getting help to file your tax returns

However, most people prefer to use the services of a licensed professional tax preparer to file their tax returns. Using the services of a professional tax preparer to file tax returns helps to take the stress away from the whole process. For a small fee, a tax preparer will do an excellent job of filing your tax return. An important thing to take note of is that you will be held accountable for the tax returns filed on your behalf by the professional tax preparer. Thus, it is very important to choose a reputable tax preparation firm to take care of your tax returns to avoid getting into trouble with the Canada Revenue Agency.


Tips On How To Choose A Reputable Tax Preparer

Since taxpayers are legally responsible for the content of their tax returns whether the return was prepared by them or not, they should exercise care when contracting the services of a profession to prepare the tax returns for them. Below are some useful tips to guide you in your search for a reputable professional tax preparer:

Check the Qualifications of the Professional Tax Preparer: Many people in the tax preparation business are usually attorneys and accountants, and they belong to a professional body that not only provides its members with continuing education but also holds them to a code of ethics. Try to verify the qualifications of professional tax preparers from the professional body they belong to before entrusting the filing of your tax returns to them.


Pay Attention To The Reputation

Check the Preparer’s Reputation: Nobody will be comfortable entrusting a sensitive issue like the filing of his tax returns to professionals with a lot of black spots on their reputation. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to check the reputation of the tax preparer you are delegating the preparation of your tax documents to. You can verify the reputation of a tax preparer by checking for disciplinary issues and license status at the professional body the tax preparer belong to or the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Request for Receipts and Records: A reputable tax preparer usually requests for receipts and other records in order to accurately file your tax returns. So, keep an eye for the documents requested by your tax preparer.


Blank Tax Form? 

A reputable tax preparer will never ask you to sign a blank tax form. Keep this in mind when you are in the market for a tax preparer to file your tax return.


Contact Tax 911 Now

Tax 911 Now is a highly reputable tax preparation firm located in Toronto, Canada. We help to relieve the burden of tax preparation from our clients. By contracting our services today, you too can begin to enjoy a stress-free filing of your tax returns.

Help for Unfiled Tax in Canada

Everyone has difficulties with finances at one time or another. Sometimes these difficulties are a direct result of a misunderstanding related to taxes. If you are living in the Toronto area and you are experiencing issues with Revenue Canada over unfiled taxes you should seek professional tax help as soon as possible to prevent the late filing penalties from getting worse.


Dealing With Unfiled Tax Issues

Problems with unfiled taxes are nothing to be taken lightly. Regardless of the reason for your tax problems it is vitally important that you are as forthwith as possible in your dealings with Revenue Canada and that you deal with the issues associated with unfiled taxes as quickly as possible. We service a large geographic area at Tax 911 Now, including Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and other areas cross Canada. Our professional and dedicated staff here at Tax 911 Now are available to help you work through any issues concerning unfiled taxes that you may have and help you resolve any problems that might exist.


Let Our Tax 911 Now Team Help You with Unfiled Tax

Problems with taxes are a frightening situation in virtually any circumstance and many individuals find themselves facing these issues through no real fault of their own. If you have any unfiled taxes it is best to address the situation as quickly as possible so that you can arrive at a solution that works well for everyone involved. Simply ignoring the problem will only make it worse. The problem will not go away on its own and it is extremely unwise to try to deal with the problem yourself without the help of our professional staff who know how to navigate through the different laws and regulations that are associated with these types of tax problems. It is vitally important that you protect yourself and ensure your own financial well being by seeking out the help of our qualified tax professionals any time that you experience questions or issues with your taxes.


Take Immediate Actions to Control Tax Damage

If you are in Toronto or any of the surrounding areas and you have experienced problems with unfiled taxes, you need to take immediate actions and do not hesitate to visit for more information or you can call our professional and dedicated staff to find out more information about any questions you may have at 1-877-918-2991.

If you are experiencing tax problems such as unfiled taxes or any other tax issues you must act as quickly as possible in order to protect your own well being and that of your loved ones. Come for a visit to Tax 911 Now at 129 Telson Road, Suite #100, Markham, Ontario L3R 1E4. Do not hesitate to contact us right away for your free consultation so you can start to get your tax issues under control and get your life back on track.

CRA Tax Audit Proof Financial Reporting in Canada

The Canada Revenue Agency requires that all businesses retain at least six years of financial reporting by law. Companies seeking CRA tax audit solutions should look for tools for leaving the best audit trail so that accounting is transparent. 

By documenting the sequence of events behind every business transaction, a company will be in compliance rules to audit reporting. The CRA requires that businesses leave an audit trail. CRA tax audit solutions include record of receipts and inventory as evidence of expenditures.

E-commerce has added new CRA tax audit solutions to reporting. Electronic email and web log records confirm transactions. Audio recordings of phone-based transaction are valid CRA tax audit solutions used for audit record. The CRA requires e-commerce businesses to retain information about all transactions conducted via internet or telephone. Electronic record is a CRA tax audit solutions to supply details about sales transactions.

Formal records management CRA tax audit solutions such as electronic storage provide record of financial transaction. Paper records generated in digital format are also CRA tax audit solutions. The CRA allows for scanning of receipts and bill of sale in for official review. Records originally provided in electronic format must be retained in this mode, and may be supplemented by print out.

Companies subscribing to third party merchant services payment gateways may obtain data on e-commerce transactions from their provider. Some companies offer separate online billing software applications and record. Accuracy of record is part of the obligation of firms, and should be subject to review by an accountant or financial controller in the interest of the taxpayer.


Follow the rules for CRA reporting

Canadian companies using storage of financial records in a data storage location external to Canada or Canadian registration are responsible for compliance of information to CRA rules. Computer or servers outside of Canada are generally not in compliance with CRA requirements. Registration of file storage should be reviewed prior to reporting of financials. Companies may seek permission to house financial records outside of Canada from the CRA with request for feedback about the rules and regulations guiding this relationship.

Internal record of taxpayer contributions to the Canada Pension Plan, employment Insurance, and related income tax payments should retain record about worker performance and compensation. This includes any financial record in support of payment obligation abided by the taxpayer.

Companies using an outside source of tax solution for audit accounting should pay special attention to the management of payroll tasks. Employers are legally responsible for ensuring accuracy of this record in respect to employee taxpayer record. The CRA requires six years retention of those records. Quebec businesses must retain additional information in the interest of employer and employee obligation to tax.

Taxpayer control of data by way of third party merchant services provision often includes the latest software application as system tax solutions. Databases used for financial control of operations accounting in Canadian businesses should be reviewed in correspondence with CRA’s requirement to audit proof reporting. For more information about CRA accepted tax solutions, contact Tax 911 Now at 1-877-918-2991.


Facing CRA Tax Problems?

Facing tax problem put a great deal of stress on an individual. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is trying to undergo a CRA tax problem alone. This can prove to be detrimental to one’s financial and emotional well being. Therefore, anyone who is about to experience a CRA tax problem in Toronto and other regions should seek out the necessary help from qualified individuals in order to better understand their tax problems and the options that they have available to them. Having tax problems and dealing with the tax agency can be a scary experience for many individuals. Having the assistance that is provided from Tax 911 Now is invaluable for anyone who is about to experience a CRA’s challenge in Toronto and surrounding areas. 


Having Tax Problems?

Virtually everyone has tax problems at one time or another. The problems may be through no real fault of the individual in question or they may be because the individual did not take the time to fully understand what their duties and obligations were concerning their taxes. Working with a tax consultant based in Toronto can help them to better understand what their duties and obligations are. Tax consultant also helps people to better understand what their options are if they are facing a CRA tax problem in Toronto. Getting help from a qualified representative at Tax 911 Now helps people to better understand what they are truly facing and how they can work through it successfully. Services are provided in Toronto, York and Durham Regions plus surrounding areas.

Need Tax Relief for Large Tax Debts Owing?

Tax relief is essential for any individual with large tax debts to protect their financial health. More importantly, taxpayer relief Toronto is something that can be provided by qualified individuals who understand the tax laws and how they apply to each individual’s circumstances. Many people choose to speak with a tax consultant Toronto because they are unsure of how to proceed with their taxes given their circumstances or they are looking for some type of tax relief because they are unable to pay at the current rate.

Revenue Canada Tax Audits

The main thing that you you should know about a CRA audit is that it does not have to be a frightening experience as long as you work closely with qualified tax consultants to help you better understand your situation. It is important that you contact a representative from Tax 911 Now as quickly as possible in order to ensure that you have the greatest amount of time to fully understand your tax situation and possible outcomes. To find out more information you can call 1-877-918-2991. For a more personal meeting you can come for a visit. The office is located at 129 Telson Road, Suite #100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4.

Essential Tax Audit Services by Tax 911 Now

Getting CRA tax audit services will not be difficult if you work with Tax 911 Now. We are dedicated to providing some of the best strategies to deal with the Canada Revenue Agency. If you haven’t ever worked with us before, you will be impressed by the service quality of CRA tax audit services with us.

If you live in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region, and anywhere near the GTA, you will likely decide to receive help through a tax expert with reasonable fees. Engaging Tax 911 Now can be one of the best ways to get help when you need to deal with the tax problems you are facing. If this is the first time you have faced an audit before, you will no doubt feel a little anxious about what might come out of it. You might have heard stories about how financially damaging an audit can be. But it doesn’t have to be difficult if you work with experienced professionals like Tax 911 Now.


Tax audit services vary based on your situation

The services that you receive will largely depend on the type of audit that you may be facing. Take the time to review the terms of your audit to see what you might be facing as you go forward. Some of these audits may be based on one or more mistakes you have made when filing your tax returns in the past. Although some of these mistakes may be overlooked, the audit will assess penalties if these mistakes became a pattern. If you feel like you will be facing an audit, it will be critical to make sure you get the representation that you need sooner than later.


The tax audit process can be daunting

Though this process may seem a little daunting, you can get the help that you need through Tax 911 Now’s CRA tax audit services. The professionals at Tax 911 Now will be dedicated to providing you with the guidance that you need. You will likely need to gather together your receipts and your paperwork if you need to answer an audit soon. Work with the representative who will provide effective CRA tax audit services. They will know how you should be packaging these different receipts to make the audit run much more smoothly. If you are missing any paperwork, you might be flagged for further review by the Canada Revenue Agency. You should look to avoid all of these issues by working closely with a tax professional who has handled these CRA tax audit before now.

Finally, you might be curious about the results that you can expect from these CRA tax audits. Anyone living in Toronto, the rest of the GTA, Markham, Calgary, and Vancouver will get the help they need through Tax 911 Now. Call their phone number at 1-877-918-2991 to speak with a representative shortly. If you come for a visit, they can quickly discuss the problems you may be facing through this audit. Depending on your case, they may be able to provide a comprehensive CRA tax audit services to solve these problems quickly.

The Benefits of Getting CRA Tax Appeal Help in Toronto

The Canada Revenue Agency is a federal agency that is set in place to administer the enforcement of income tax laws that are amended in the Tax Act every year by parliament. Since the CRA does not make the law, their interpretation of the act can differ from those of taxpayers and often a taxpayer may feel as if they were told they had to pay too much. Fortunately, for taxpayers, there are steps they can take in order to go about getting a second assessment. You don’t have to let the CRA audit Toronto take you for more money than you know you should be paying.

Should you feel that the CRA audit has not correctly assessed the amount of taxes you should be paying, it’s encouraged that you promptly appeal the assessment and open a case of dispute. You’ll have 90 days to file an objection, if you miss the deadline, you legally lose your right to appeal and you’ll be stuck having to pay the assessed tax. Should you find yourself in need of a CRA appeal experts, who can assist you in determining whether or not you may have a chance of filing a successful objection based on if they believe, in fact, the CRA audit has made an error.

Tax 911 Now is dedicated to helping those located in Toronto and surrounding territories that are in need of professional tax assistance. A tax representative can be beneficial to a client in many ways; they can deal with the CRA for you, know the right questions to ask, assure that your case will be properly presented, and therefore heighten the chance of your appeal being granted. Should you fight with CRA alone, without the guidance of a tax representative, you may not have the full knowledge you need to obtain the results you desire and your appeal can likely be rejected. Let an experienced representative from Tax 911 Now help you with your CRA audit Toronto. They’re likely to know a lot more about the rules and regulations that are in the Income Tax Act than you are. They can use that knowledge in fighting against the CRA audit Toronto better to win your case. And since winning your case and getting a reassessment is what you desire, the decision in getting one should be easy.


Need a CRA Appeal expert in Toronto? 

For Toronto CRA tax appeal assistance, you should give Tax 911 Now a call at 1-877-918-2991, or just have a visit where a knowledgeable tax representative is available in person to answer any questions or concerns you may have. These professionals are ready and willing to help you, you just have to take the first step in facing your CRA appeal Toronto. The Tax 911 Now offices are located at 129 Telson Road, Suite #100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4.  Tax 911 Now offers services Toronto, Calgary, Markham, Vancouver and regions across Canada.

CRA Voluntary disclosure program VDP

If you live in the Toronto area, you might be interested in the different tax services that are available to you. There are actually quite a few different programs that are geared towards helping GTA residents get their finances in order. If you have struggled to pay your taxes in the past, read through this helpful guide for some tips.

CRA Voluntary disclosure program (also known as VDP or tax amnesty program)

Many people are confused about tax amnesty program. This is a CRA tax program designed by CRA to encourage people with tax problems such as un-filed taxes, un-reported income, etc. to come out on their own with penalties waived as rewards. The tax amnesty program is also called Voluntary Disclosure Program. You might be curious about just how this CRA tax amnesty program can work for your situation. It will be important to talk to an experienced tax consultant who can help you through this difficult process. All of these issues can be handled by the professionals at Tax 911 Now, who have many years of experience helping people just like you. Remember that these CRA tax amnesty programs can help taxpayers in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and more. We can show you how you can have the hefty tax penalites waived if you agree to a few simple terms. Including making voluntary disclosure; the disclosure must be complete; your tax problems must involve penalties; tax must be more than one year over due, etc. We can also help you to protect your identity by filing no-name disclosure.

CRA tax representation

First, you will likely want to know where you stand in the eyes of the Canada Revenue Agency. There are many people who can likely benefit from getting help from CRA tax representation. If you currently have your wages garnished, you probably feel that this is an unnecessary and painful burden on your life. There are also some people who may be facing large penalties due to unpaid taxes. Don’t get caught unaware by some of these issues, because it can cause fees to mount up surprisingly quickly. You should contact Tax 911 Now to see about the different CRA tax programs that they developed to help Canadians with tax issues.

Are you skeptical?

Finally, there are some who may be a little skeptical. It may seem too good to be true that you can have your tax penalties removed through a CRA tax amnesty program. The terms and conditions may vary somewhat for different types of people, but the CRA tax amnesty option is out there. You will want to make sure that you have tax records from past. Once you have this organized, contact Tax 911 Now at 1-877-918-2991. Come for a visit to Tax 911 Now if you live in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and more.

What You Should Know About Canadian Tax Amnesty?

CRA tax amnesty, also known as Voluntary Disclosure Program or VDP, is when the Canadian government allows a taxpayer to fix a mistake on a previous return or declare income that they had previously left off of their return. The purpose of CRA tax amnesty is to provide the taxpayer with an opportunity to amend a mistake and create a plan to pay a defined amount without fear of criminal prosecution. It is a win-win situation for both the Canadian government and the taxpayer.


Who is Eligible for Tax Amnesty?

There are four main reasons that someone is eligible for CRA tax amnesty. If you have mistakenly declared too many expenses, reduced the amount that you owed by too much, forgot to declare some of your income, or are behind on filing your taxes with the Canadian government then CRA tax amnesty may be right for you. This is a program that helps taxpayers who have made mistakes avoid any potential prosecution for tax evasion or sizeable penalties so it can be beneficial. Visit us in the Toronto, York, or Durham regions or call us if you are elsewhere to determine whether or not you are eligible.


How to Apply for CRA Tax Amnesty?

The Voluntary Disclosure Program or VDP administers CRA tax amnesty through an application process. The tax that is being declared must be at least a year old and is subject to penalty. The application must also be voluntary and complete which means that the CRA has not been in touch with you about previous tax issues and the application must amend all potential mistakes. This is one of the reasons that utilizing a professional tax organization is vitally important when considering tax amnesty in Canada. If done incorrectly, it is possible for the government to consider it tax evasion.


How Does the Process Work?

The process for CRA tax amnesty is essentially a four step one. First, a letter must be sent to the CRA with all the relevant information including the tax year, necessary disclosures, type of tax references. Next, the initial application will be reviewed by the CRA and accepted. The third step is to submit complete information within 90 days of receiving acknowledgement letter. Finally, the CRA will provide confirmation that the CRA tax amnesty has been accepted.


Contact Tax 911 Now!

If you believe that you are a candidate for CRA tax amnesty or have any other questions about taxes then call us at 1-877-918-2991 or stop by for a visit if you live in the Toronto, York, or Durham regions. We look forward to hearing from you soon to help address all your tax questions and effectively ease your concerns. Our dedication to customer service and close attention to detail makes us the ideal one-stop-shop for all tax problems. Visit us at: 129 Telson Road, Suite # 100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4.

Our tax services are also offered in the following regions:

  • Vancouver
  • Calgary
  • Markham
  • Winnipeg

Tax Relief Help for Taxes Owed to CRA

There are many people who could get a notice from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This is the governmental body that will help decide whether you should pay penalties for back taxes you may owe. Some may find themselves owing quite a bit in penalties and interests. If you have this issue, you may want to think about possibly cutting a deal with the CRA. Sometimes, they are willing to reduce penalties or interests through the CRA taxpayer relief program. This is a beneficial program that may help people like you to recover financially and get back on the path to solvency.


First steps to CRA taxpayer relief

First, you will want to simply take stock of the tax penalties that have accrued on your account. Think about the different options and solutions you may have. If you don’t feel like you will be capable of paying these debts off, you will want to consider finding a way to get in to a CRA taxpayer relief program. The experts at Tax 911 Now may be able to help you do just that. Gather up the relevant information about your tax situation and try to call them soon. They are able to help many people including but not limited to Toronto and the York & Durham Region areas.

You may be wondering how they can help you if you are facing a considerably difficult tax situation. There are quite a few people who will not be able to keep pace with the accruing penalties that they face. There are resources available for them if they enter the CRA taxpayer relief programs. CRA will likely expect that you will still pay off a considerable amount of the sum you owe. But they may be willing to waive some penalties and interests. This CRA taxpayer relief program has the potential to make your tax debts payment to be more manageable.

The CRA taxpayer relief program has certain requirement to be eligible. Such as financial hardship or other uncontrollable circumstances such as health or financial disasters, family death, etc. If you have financial hardship, this may be the solution that you are looking for. The professionals at Tax 911 Now will guide you through this delicate process with care.


Contact Tax 911 Now, we are a quick phone call away

Finally, some people will want to know how they can get in contact with Tax 911 Now. If you are interested in the CRA taxpayer relief program, you should give us a call. Try to reach Tax 911 Now team at 1-877-918-2991 or come for a visit. Tax 911 Now provide service to people living in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and all over Canada.

Getting The Help You Need For CRA Tax Problems

There are quite a few reasons why people may suddenly find themselves faced with tax problems, but people can get help with these problems. It can be quite intimidating to deal with the Canadian Revenue Agency, but there are a few tools at your disposal.


Type of tax issues

You will first need to simply take stock of the types of tax problems that you are facing. Though it may feel overwhelming, it can be important to think about the first few steps that you should take. If you haven’t ever handled this process before, consider talking to the experts at Tax 911 Now. We have years of experience helping people through whichever tax issues they might be facing.  Whether you are an individual or a small business owner, you can get the help that you need from Tax 911 Now’s team of expert.


Possible Penalties? 

Next, you will need to think about the possible penalties you could be facing if you don’t fix these tax issues now. There are some people who may not have paid their taxes for a number of years. Other people may simply have missed some income that need to be included. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. This is why it is important to seek out tax help. Some people may face some garnishments of their wages or have to pay back penalties to the CRA. If you have to deal with any of these issues, you will want to seek out professional tax services immediately.

Taxes can be complex!

Some people might underestimate just how complex their tax problems may be. They will need to find all the missing records or supporting documentation that they may have forgotten over the years. If you haven’t gone through this process before, you might not know where to start. Getting these CRA tax helps through Tax 911 Now in Toronto, Markham, Richmond hill or other cities in Canada can be the help that you need.

Finally, you may want to contact Tax 911 Now to talk to us about your CRA tax problems and solutions sooner rather than later. This can be the start of an effective solution to you if you live in Toronto, York Region and/or Durham Region or other parts of the country, Tax 911 Now is a phone call away. If you’d like a free consultation, call us by phone at # 1-877-918-2991.

Revenue Canada Auditing Your Taxes?

So, you’ve done your best this year to keep track of all your income, expenses, and receipts. You filed your taxes by the deadline, or even earlier, and you’ve already received your tax refund and gone out and bought that brand new automobile you’ve been wanting. You’re feeling pretty good about yourself, when all of a sudden, you’re informed that you’re being audited by the Canada Revenue Agency. Before you stop opening your mail or answering the phone, go into hiding, lose sleep, or even your head, here is some information on how The Canada Revenue Agency conducts its audits and information on how tax professionals can help you with your Toronto CRA tax audit solutions. 

How The CRA Selects Its Audits

Computer generated lists are the most common way the CRA selects its audits. All returns are stored electronically in computer systems, which allows the CRA to sort returns according to various groups. The CRA compares selected financial information from the current year and various years of tax payers engaging in similar business or occupations. A computer generated list is compiled, and the CRA selects from the list, who will be audited. But, the CRA can also conduct its audits based on audit projects, leads, and secondary files.

  • Audit Projects – The CRA tests the compliance of a particular group. If the group tests indicate non compliance among the group, this can trigger an audit.
  • Leads – Other audits, investigations, and outside sources can trigger an audit.
  • Secondary Files – Sometimes audits are conducted based on a partnership or association with a previously audited person or business.

How CRA Conducts Its Audits

If your return is selected for an audit, the CRA will review your records either at their office or at your place of business. Records for audit include the information on file at the CRA office, selected returns, financial statements, previous audit reports, business ledgers, journals, bank accounts, sales invoices, purchase vouchers, and expense accounts. To avoid delays, the CRA recommends keeping well-kept records.

Toronto CRA Tax Audit Solutions

If you find that you are facing a tax audit and are looking for CRA tax audit solutions, let Tax 911 Now, a professional and dedicated team of tax professionals, help you. Tax 911 Now, serves the Toronto, York region, Durham region and more. Tax 911 Now has in depth knowledge and experience with CRA tax audit solutions. This team of tax professionals can help you with CRA tax audit solutions such as tax audits, unreported income, overdue tax arrears problems, Canadian tax relief, tax collection problems, wage garnishments, bank levy, GST/HST audits, PST audits, business expense disallowed, voluntary disclosure programs, tax amnesty or tax pardon, demand to file and more. Tax 911 Now is available to help with all your CRA tax audit solutions, so come in for a visit today.

Tax 911 Now is available to help customers in Toronto, Markham, Calgary, and Vancouver and more with all their CRA tax audit solutions.

Need CRA Tax Audit Help in Toronto?

There is nothing to be ashamed of when you find yourself in a difficult tax audit situation. The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) will want to make sure that you have paid all of your recent taxes that are due. If you have missed payments or forgotten to file a return, they will likely want to review your records. This can sometimes trigger a tax audit, which may cause some fear in people. If you don’t want to have to go through the extensive auditing process alone and have to pay fines to the CRA. If you live in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and more, you will want to find CRA Tax Audit Help to deal with these issues.


Tax 911 Now is the better way

Some people might be interested in hearing about the advantages that Tax 911 Now’s CRA Tax Audit Help can bring to them. To understand these advantages, they will need to think about how much they might owe to the CRA if the audit dealing fail. The CRA will find a way to request that these tax payments be made to them. They might be able garnish your wages, for instance. This would mean that a certain amount would be subtracted from your paycheck each month. All of this money would be transferred to the CRA until your tax debts were paid off. You can avoid issues like this if you seek out CRA tax audit solutions. These CRA Tax Audit Help can be well worth the investment for many people who might be looking to find this kind of help. Local Toronto residents may be facing some considerable tax issues these days. If you want to find a solution to some of these problems, consult with the experts at Tax 911 Now.


CRA Tax Audit Help by Tax Experts

Other people may be curious about how these CRA Tax Audit Help can work for them. The first step will simply be to contact a representative from Tax 911 Now. If you do this, they will link you up with an experienced consultant. Give this consultant some basic information about your tax issue, so you can get direction on what steps you should take. The CRA Tax Audit Help will be tailored for the individual who needs them. Tax 911 Now has years of experience doing this, we understand what you need in your CRA Tax Audit Help. There are many people who simply become overwhelmed by tax audits, but you don’t have to let that happen to you.


Let Tax 911 Now try to reduce your tax penalties

Finally, don’t forget that you can reduce the risks of future audit by dealing with these CRA tax audit properly and successfully now. Tax 911 Now has the expertise to guide you through the complicated audit process. You will be so relieved once the audit is over with satisfactory results. We will provide you with the optimized CRA Tax Audit Help once you become engaged with Tax 911 Now. This could be the best solution for many people living in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and more. You can call 1-877-918-2991 to get started for a free consultation.

Tax Audit Help with Tax 911 Now

Getting CRA tax audit solutions will not be difficult if you work with Tax 911 Now. We are dedicated to providing some of the best strategies to deal with the Canadian Revenue Agency on audits and other tax issues you may encounter. If you haven’t worked with us before, you may be impressed by the service you get when you use our CRA tax audit services.


Get tax audit help does not have to be all that stressful

Tax audit does not have to be overwhelming. Engaging with tax experts who are dealing with tax auditors all the times can be one of the best ways to get the help you need.  If this is the first time you have faced an audit before, you will no doubt feel a little anxious about what might come out of it. You might have heard stories about how financially damaging an audit can be. But it doesn’t have to be difficult if you receive the right help. If you live in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and more areas, you can just call us to book a free consultation.


What audit are you facing with Revenue Canada? 

The services that you receive will largely depend on the type of audit that you may be facing. Take the time to review the terms of your audit to see what you might be facing as you go forward. Some of these audits may be based on one or more mistakes you have made when filing your past Revenue Canada returns. Although some of these mistakes may be overlooked, the audit will assess penalties if they believe those mistakes became a pattern. If you feel like you will be facing an audit, it will be critical to make sure you get the representation that you need soon.


Tax audit can be daunting

Though the tax audit process may seem a little daunting, you can get the help that you need through Tax 911 Now’s CRA tax audit service. The professionals at Tax 911 Now will be dedicated to providing you with the guidance you need. You will likely need to gather together your receipts and your paperwork if you need to answer an auditor soon.

Work with the experienced tax representative who can help you with handling your CRA tax audit. They will know how you should be packaging these different receipts to make the audit run much more smoothly. If you are missing any paperwork, you might be flagged for further review by the Canadian Revenue Agency. You should look to avoid all of these issues by working closely with a professional who has handled these CRA tax audit solutions before.

Anyone living in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and more can get professional tax audit help they need through Tax 911 Now. Call us at 1-877-918-2991 to speak with a representative shortly. If you come for a visit, we can discuss the scope of your problems and the strategy of dealing with the tax audits. The consultation is always free to make it easier for you to get started risk free.

Best Canadian Tax Preparation Service in Toronto

When you work with one of the best Canadian tax preparation services, there is no reason why you should overpay the taxman. Tax consultants from Tax 911 Now in Toronto serve a wide variety of individuals and businesses. The tax services cover a wide range of industries no matter you are an athlete, a dentist, a subcontractor, an heir looking for inheritance tax advice, a realtor or any other type of business. If you live in the areas of Toronto, York Region, Durham Region or the surrounding areas, then you can engage the professional tax preparation services of Tax 911 Now.

Tax 911 Now’s tax preparation service offered in Toronto helps you to deal with tax matters effectively and professionally. The tax consultant will help you understand the meaning of tax evasion and tax avoidance. Tax evasion is when you fail to pay tax, which is illegal, while tax avoidance is when you look for loopholes in the law that can help you pay less tax. Only the Toronto tax consultant can be able to go through your books and find a way to lessen your tax burden.


Insist on the Best Tax Preparation Service in Toronto

With these in place, you can be sure of getting the best in your tax preparation. Make sure that you look for experienced tax consultants who understand all about tax issues and tax rules and regulation governing it.  Well experienced tax consultants will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes that are bound to happen during your tax preparation.

The tax preparation services in Toronto and other cities helps manage your tax matters so that you do not file late thereby having to pay hefty fines. The tax preparation in Toronto needs to be done in a way that ensures that you pay only the necessary amount that is owed while keeping as much your income as possible.


Extra Protection: Reduce the Risk of Revenue Canada Tax Audit

No one wants tax audit after they file their tax return. Average tax preparers just file your tax return without thinking about how to control or reduce the risk of tax audit. That is why working with the best tax preparing firm is critical. Tax 911 Now has the expertise dealing with tax audits and thus understand the possible triggers for tax audits. By working with us, you effectively reduce your chance of being snapped up by CRA for audit.  Let’s face it, no one can guarantee the audit risk to be zero. Just in case you are audited and you need tax audit help later on, the tax preparation Toronto consultant at Tax 911 Now will help you get through with the audit and ensure that any issues is straightened out before you get in trouble with the CRA.

To contact with the top providers of expert tax service, you can call 1-877-918-2991 at any time. Alternatively, you can come for a visit at Tax 911 Now at 129 Telson Road, Suite # 100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4. You can be sure you will get the best tax preparation services in Toronto. The ball is therefore in your court so make sure that you take the right steps in getting the best when it comes to tax preparation.

5 Tips on Dealing With CRA Tax Audit

When it comes to dealing with CRA tax audits, you need professional tax audit help. Are you already taxed mentally and emotionally due to the CRA audit notice? Don’t let them taxing you financially. With the help of Tax 911 now, you can walk through the whole tax audit process with minimum stress and best tax outcome.

Here are five tips for dealing with the CRA:

  1. Politeness Goes A Long Way:
    If you are dealing with a CRA auditor, it can be difficult to stay calm. Especially the auditors from big city such as Toronto. However, write down the name of the representative, their department, phone number and the date of their call. If you get a CRA audit Toronto, one of the worst things that you can do is to ignore them. The CRA is willing to work with people provided that they meet them halfway. 
  2. Procrastination Is Enemy Number One:
    If you are unable to get a hold of the CRA over the phone, then leave a message. The thing that the CRA values is that the person tried to get a hold of them. A CRA audit is not going to go away. If you ignore them, things will escalate, so it is far better to be honest with the CRA and not procrastinate talking to them. The last thing that you would want is for them to take tax evasion actions. The CRA will never fault you for being honest.
  3. Never Volunteer Information:
    When you are going through a CRA audit, it is important never to simply volunteer information to them over the phone. The CRA cannot legally force you to answer any questions over the phone. In these situations, it is best to hire a representative like Tax 911 Now. With Tax 911 Now, you have a company that is dedicated to helping you succeed in your CRA audit in all cities across Canada, including Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vancouver, etc.
  4. Ask Them To Put It Into Writing And Mail It:
    You can request the auditor to put the requirement in writing. This buys you extra time to get a representative, and it shows them that you are not deliberately avoiding them. 
  5. The CRA Audit Takes Time:
    If you are dealing with a CRA audit Toronto, then the thing you need to keep in mind is that it will take time. The CRA takes their time, and they do not keep you informed either. A CRA audit Toronto can take anywhere from six to nine months. One thing to keep in mind is that just because the CRA says something, that does not mean that they are right.

One such company that would be Tax 911 Now. This company deals with tax audit daily, so they have experience. You can visit them by clicking here or you can also call them at 1-877-918-2991, in order to schedule a free consultation on tax audit help. 

Best CRA Tax Audit Help for You and Your Toronto Area Business

Many people or businesses will be, if not have been, audited by CRA tax auditors. It is just a fact of life. Let’s face it, even with the best software, the best intentions and the most rigorous efforts to run a tight ship with every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed, an audit can still be frightening in the heart of individuals and business owners. If the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is slated to put your personal or business earnings under a microscope, you’ll need seriously committed and well-rounded professional CRA tax audit help to find the best CRA tax audit help.


Professional Accountant

You might assume a professional accountant should be enough. After all, a really good accountant understands accounting and numbers. An accountant is in an excellent position to explain your business’s day to day bookkeeping very well. However, an accountant may not have knowledge of the complex tax system. Without such knowledge, even the best accountant may find himself overwhelmed when faced by a determined tax agent. Moreover, an accountant are not trained to be negotiator and thus can not negotiate a best settlement for his client.


Good Tax Attorney

On the other side of the coin, a good tax attorney, while thoroughly versed in the legal aspect of tax system, may not have the needed accounting and bookkeeping know-how to explain your business’s day to day operations. Facing your Toronto tax audit requires  thorough understanding and representation of your personal and business operation. You need people in your corner who understand both accounting and tax/legal systems. Clearly, the best CRA tax audit help offered at Tax 911 Now embrace both the accounting and legal aspects inherent to a tax audit of your personal or business earnings.

Fortunately, the best CRA tax audit service is available with local offices in the Toronto, York and Durham areas. Your Toronto business may not have an expensive and impressive pool of attorneys and accountants on staff like other big businesses do. Yet, with CRA tax audit help available through Tax 911 Now, there’s no need.

Dedicated Tax Audit Experts

Tax 911 Now is manned by dedicated, compassionate professionals determined to help you and your business. No matter the problems involve unfiled taxes, unreported income, tax levies or tax garnishments, our service can and will help you. Tax 911 Now’s professionals know accounting, tax as well as CRA’s complex rule and regulations. They understand the tax system and they know how to negotiate for their clients. Tax 911 Now’s CRA tax audit help offer the prevention of an unfair tax assessment.

For your personal or Toronto-based business CRA tax audit help, call Tax 911 Now today at 1-877-918-2991. Find us online at or come for a visit. You’ll find us at 129 Telson Road, Suite # 100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4.

How to Deal with CRA Tax Audits

Most taxpayers are alarmed when they receive audit requests from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Tax Audit Help Toronto finds that the CRA uses computer-generated lists, special projects, leads, and associated files for selecting most taxpayers for audits, and of these methods the computer-generated list is most common. The CRA automated system randomly collects financial information for taxpayers across similar businesses or occupations to generate lists of returns, some with information inviting audits.


Groups are targeted

Special projects probe compliance of particular taxpayer groups. If any non-compliance discovered, the CRA may expand the audit locally, regionally, or nationally. Leads from previous audits or from outside sources and filings of taxpayers associated in business with those already audited round out the most common methods of selection.

CRA audits examine financial statements, previous audit results, ledgers, bank account statements, sales invoices, purchase receipts, expense accounts, and other business records. A desk audit (at a CRA office) may require the taxpayer to identify or explain questionable items and to bring specified documents for examination for unreported income. A field audit (at the taxpayer’s home or office) usually means a more serious potential liability.


We go investigate your taxes to ensure proper credits are given to you

When providing tax audit help in Toronto and other areas, Tax 911 Now has found that auditors do not review all information necessary. Auditor errors are not unusual and can cost taxpayers thousands; By working with Tax 911 Now for tax audit help, you can prevent such costly errors, first by reducing the audit risks.

Tax 911 Now’s comprehensive audit solution program first identifies taxpayer problem areas likely to attract CRA audits. The self-employed are more at risk of audits than are hourly or salaried workers. Sudden, dramatic changes in economic circumstances or a standard of living much higher than the norm for taxpayers similarly situated often arouse CRA curiosity. Business losses over several years may make the CRA suspect setoffs to other income. Participation in tax shelter programs like donation schemes is a matter for CRA scrutiny. Deduction of more than 15 per cent of income for home office expenses signals a case for an audit. Tax Audit Help Toronto advises taxpayers in any of these situations to be especially careful in keeping records and receipts for expenditures.

Tax 911 Now advises small business owners to have all returns filed on time and all documents ready and to be prepared for any audit. Records should detail all income and every expense. Although the CRA audits fewer than 5% of small business proprietors, it is important to keep complete records over seven years

The CRA’s interest in whether the self-employed report their full incomes is constant. The CRA also watches for discrepancies in incomes reported from sole proprietorships and partnerships. It is required that everything earned must be reported. Tax Audit Help Toronto advises small business owners to be consistent with record keeping.

A small business with lots of cash sales should record all of them and should file appropriate forms for all business areas on time. Claims for deductible expenses must relate to the business. By following these suggestions from the expert in tax audit help services in Toronto, taxpayers should be able to reduce the chance of CRA audits or handle them easily when there is one.

Tax Audit Help Toronto, Tax Audit Help Canada

Need Tax Audit Help Toronto, Canada?

Need Tax Audit Help Toronto, Canada?

Each year countless Toronto residents live in fear of having their tax returns audited by the CRA in Canada. If you ever get a notice from the CRA about being audited, you should turn to professionals, like the tax team at, for tax audit help Toronto. Tax payer audit help Toronto is available or anyone who received audit notice sent by CRA demanding verification of tax reported.

Tax audit prevention

The first preventive step one can take to avoid a tax audit is to hire a tax accountant to file your returns for you. Business owners, especially, need to hire a tax accountant to keep track of all of their financial records. Audits can still happen, but they will not be as worrisome if you hire a reputable tax resolution firm that has experts in the tax system on board, such as ex CRA agents.

Bring all information to your meeting

Before you go in for professional tax audit help Toronto, Canada gather up all of your financial records and take them with you. That way a skilled tax lawyer can take a look at your tax situation and devise a tax resolution plan for you. Under Canadian law, taxpayers are supposed to keep copies of their financial records for at least six years, so take all the papers your tax resolution services tells you to bring. Tax resolution professionals are experts at devising the best plan for people that need tax audit help Toronto.

Undergoing an audit by the Canadian Review Agency is one of the most stressful things. You will want to make sure you to enlist the services of a professional tax firm that specializes in tax audit help Toronto. When you hire professional tax audit help Toronto, you can let them handle the audit for you. In fact, the less time you spend talking to the auditor, the better.

Let your tax representatives do all the talking for you. Tax resolution firms that have ex CRA agents and skilled tax specialists on staff are the best to use when you need tax audit help Toronto. Contact tax911now if you need tax audit help Toronto Canada.

Tax Audit Help in Toronto

Tax audit risks

Every business and individual in Canada who pays taxes can be selected for an audit regardless of whether there are irregularities in their tax returns or not. Audits are conducted for a number of reasons, including those with tax return problems and others who are randomly selected by a computer program. In general, the risk of being selected for a CRA audit are greatly reduced if you work with a professional tax preparation service who has tax audit expertise. Equipped with years of tax audit expertise, Tax 911 Now, with offices in Toronto, York and Durham regions, prepares the tax returns of the business or individual with the mandate of audit risk control in mind.


Need tax audit help? 

If you’ve received a audit notice and need help, Tax audit help can be found by using a Tax 911 tax consultant in Toronto. When a CRA audit begins the taxpayer is contacted directly by the CRA; Tax representative at Tax 911 Now can start to represent you in the audit and help to schedule meetings and ensure all the required documents are assembled and complete before being presented to a CRA agent.


We are Tax Audit Experts

For tax audit help, Toronto taxpayers can choose one of two options for completing an audit, which are to assemble and send required documents to a CRA office or to allow a CRA agent to audit the business at its place of business. Tax 911 will ensure the audit goes well by providing tax audit help effectively and professionally. Tax audit help starts with a negotiation with CRA agents on the scope, the time and the location of the audit and then organizing all meeting times and locations. For an audit to be completed successfully a number of documents are required by the CRA agents, including sales ledgers, bank account statements and invoices, etc. Tax 911 Now can provide tax audit help Toronto businesses need by checking all the documents required for the audit are complete; when required a tax professional will usually attend the audit at the meeting place or place of business to ensure all the auditor’s requirement are met. By being present throughout the audit, the tax professional can ensure correct procedures are followed and any questions the auditor has are answered quickly and correctly without disclosing information unnecessarily.


Tax help for all over the Greater Toronto Area GTA

For many Toronto, York and Durham residents, employing a professional tax preparation and accounting services, such as Tax 911 Now, gives them peace of mind that their taxes and potential tax audit problems are handled correctly. By handling the CRA tax audit for individuals and business for many years, Tax 911 Now has the expertise to make sure that tax returns are audit proof to reduce the risk of audit problem for future.


For help with taxes from Tax 911 Toronto individuals and businesses can call 1-877-918-2991 or call into the office at 129 Telson Road, Suite # 100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4.