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What Can You Do With Your CRA Tax Problems Canada?

What tax issues are you facing now? If you are a Canadian tax payer who is confronted by the government’s tax collector, the Canada Revenue Agency, you require immediate help. Tax problems Canada sufferers exist. There are thousands of businesses and individuals who do not know how to deal with their tax debts issues.  The » Read More

Tax Arrears Owed To The CRA Can Be Solved

Do you have tax arrears? If so, you will pay tax penalties and/or interest charges to the CRA. The only way to avoid penalties is to get into a habit of filing your income taxes on time. Like many people, you have most likely accumulated tax arrears because of unavoidable circumstances that were beyond your » Read More

Solutions for Tax Arrears

Tax consultants and chartered accountancy firms provide solutions for handling tax arrears in these challenging times. Even finance managers are struggling to meet their tax obligations. Average terms of payment to trade suppliers are lengthening, making them unable to make payments even to GST and HST on time. The tax consulting professionals take a hands-on » Read More