CRA Garnishments: The CRA Tax Recovery Tools

The CRA will always get their money and if you think differently you could be in for a nasty surprise. There are plenty of things they can do to make sure that you pay and they will not think twice about CRA garnishments on your salary if they think that will work. You will be aware of what they are going to do, but there is little you can do to prevent their actions if they do not believe you are doing all you can to pay what you owe.

This is not a decision they will take lightly as they are aware that they can be causing you great hardship, but if it is all they can do to get their money they will impose CRA garnishments. This is not a new way of getting money, but it is one that the CRA are able to do with relative ease. They do not have to follow the same rules as others, as they are in a position of authority and would effectively have been asking their own permission. Before CRA garnishments happen, there will be a good case against you and working alone you have little chance of fighting this. Employing someone experienced in the field is the best way forward.

Timing is essential and as soon as you are notified that there is a problem you should start looking for a solution. The tax law can be complicated when it comes to CRA garnishments so you need to give the person you are going to be dealing with your case plenty of time to get their papers in order and present a decent case on your behalf.

You need to be open and honest when it comes to your situation and don’t either try to make a deal that you cannot keep or pretend there is less money to repay the taxes than there actually is. You don’t want to annoy the CRA when it comes to CRA garnishments and you don’t want to make the job more difficult for the person you have employed to speak for you. If you fear CRA garnishments are going to be placed on your salary than you need to make a substantial but possible offer.

It is important that the CRA trust you and your representative and believe that you are trying to sort out your situation. Just by paying for help the CRA will see you want to pay and avoid CRA garnishments on your salary.

If the worst has happened and CRA garnishments are in place, you will be at your last chance of getting a good resolution. You have to make this your number one priority and find a way to pay or the CRA garnishments will continue. Check you have provided all the correct information and you have not made a mistake on your return as it could be something as simple as this that is causing you so much trouble. Remember that you do not have to struggle alone with CRA garnishments when there is help out there.