Submitting a CRA Tax Objection

It can be stressful when you hear that you will be reassessed in connection to your taxes. It is possible to object to this but as with everything to do with the CRA you have to know what you are doing and putting in a successful CRA tax objection is not going to be easy. The CRA will not want to admit that they have made a mistake and they will do all that they can within the law to make you want to drop it. With a CRA tax objection you will need help and someone to encourage you through the months ahead.

It is not unheard of for a CRA tax objection to still be unresolved after 10 years and while that is not the case most of the time, it is worth bearing this in mind. It will tend to be people who want to go it alone that run into problems and don’t know how to push the process forward, and by bringing in expert help. This sort of delay can be avoided. Experts when it comes to CRA tax objection cannot change the rules but they can make sure you are treated fairly.

It will be good to know that a CRA tax objection will not be rushed but will be dealt with fairly and however much it pains the CRA to admit it, if they are the ones in the wrong they will uphold the appeal. If you are not putting a good case across, you may be left with two options when it comes to the CRA tax objection. It could be that you drop it and end up feeling aggrieved if you still feel you were right but just can’t prove it, or you could end up putting your point across in court.

If you have not taken legal advice up to know, a court case can be very expensive and it is time to look around for help.If you do lose the CRA tax objection, it can leave you with a big bill and this is why you need to know just what you are doing and providing everything that is asked for. As soon as the Notice of Objection has been lodged, you will not be expected to make any payments towards the bill. You should put money aside, including any interest that is being accrued, just in case you lose the CRA tax objection and have to pay the full amount after all.

If you win, tax payer relief can be requested and this will mean that you do not have to pay the interest – and this is fair as the delay was quite likely not your fault. This should be mentioned to whoever is dealing with your CRA tax objection as they can tell you how likely it is you will receive it. It may be best to consider the worst case scenario and then if you win and get the tax payer relief it will be a win win situation.