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The Difference between Tax Evasion and Income tax Fraud?

There is a significant difference between the concept of income tax evasion and that of an income tax fraud. A comparison can be done by drawing a parallel to the Government of Switzerland and its tax treaty with the United States of America. For example, the Swiss Government will shield its largest bank from the » Read More

The Threat of Tax Fraud in Canada

One of the most overlooked threats that is facing the financial institutions and the CRA in Canada is the threat of a tax fraud caused by identity theft. An interesting study has been done which has revealed that a significant portion of the income tax fraud in Canada has been linked to identity theft. The » Read More

How does the CRA draw a line between Negligence and a Tax Fraud?

Tax fraud has been commonly defined as an intentional violation of a legal duty. The general case of tax fraud takes place when a taxpayer files a deliberate false return. CRA will decide on how it will draw a line between a tax fraud such as cheating on your tax returns and filing them negligently. » Read More