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Building up a Case for CRA Notice of Objection

When a taxpayer disagrees with the Notice of assessment sent by the CRA, he or she will have the right to contest on such an assessment to the authorities through a CRA Notice of Objection and if that is also denied, then he can put his case up before the administrative courts by means of » Read More

Expertise required in drafting a CRA Notice of Objection

Some people think that filing tax objection to their CRA Notice of Assessment is just a simple form filing excise. What they do not realize is that there is expertise required in drafting a CRA Notice of Objection when you believe that there is an error in your tax assessment. If you disagree with the » Read More

CRA Tax Appeal & Objection

There are times taxpayers believe that CRA have unfairly assessed them. This is quite normal as CRA agents are human too and human make errors. If errors are not corrected, it is the taxpayers who bear the financial consequences. Some are very significant. If you believe that you should not owe the amount of taxes » Read More