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Tax Lawyer or Tax Attorney: Do You Need One?

Tax Lawyer or Tax Attorney: Do You Need One?

Many people, once in tax troubles, assume that in order to solve their tax problems with Canada Revenue Agency, they will need to engage a tax lawyer or tax attorney. However, what they do not know is that specialized Tax consultants are equipped with tax knowledge and experiences to deal with majority of your tax issues. Most times there is no need to hire a tax lawyer or tax attorney.


To start with, for example, if you have unfiled back taxes, you do not need tax lawyer or tax attorney to file your taxes. In fact, lawyers are not trained and recognized by CRA as tax filing specialists.

The procedure for filing back taxes is straightforward. For other kinds of tax problems beyond the tax filings, you may want to contact a specialized tax consultant who specialize in tax problems resolution services.

Specialized tax consultant will go over with you your tax situation in full. This review will allow the tax accountant to assess your situation. Most spcialized tax consultants do not charge for this initial consultation, and many ask you to bring CRA letter with you. After assessing your circumstances, the spcialized tax consultants will discuss your options. It is possible that a better alternative to a straight filing may be available to you.


Out of the most common tax problems or tax services, such as tax audit, unfair assessment, tax appeal, wage garnishment, bank freeze, unreported income, unfiled tax returns, tax debts owing, voluntary disclosure, tax payer relief, tax payment plan, etc.

Tax 911 Now’s specialized tax consultants have the expertise and experiences to resolve them all effectively.


When You Do Need a Tax Lawyer or a Tax Attorney?

Some tax lawyers dramatized the advantage of “client privilege” claiming if CRA demands information from professional service providers, only tax lawyers or tax attorney can protect clients’ information. The statistics do not support the claim, however, just do the research online. The chance of CRA forcing accountants to disclose information without clients’ permission is close to the winning of a lottery. CRA, to be direct and more effective, prefers to deal with taxpayers directly.


There are times, one or two out of a hundred, clients do need tax lawyers or tax attorney because their cases are so severe and they need to go to tax court. Tax lawyer or tax attorney is required to represent the clients in court in such a case as per the legal requirement.  In such case, we do have our partner tax lawyers working with us to better help you.


For the rest of clients, their issues are still within CRA’s administrative system and thus do not require legal representation. In fact, Canadian Income Tax Acts dictate that, within the CRA’s administrative system, the same policies or rules apply to everyone. It does not get more flexible because of the involvement of a tax lawyer or tax attorney. As a matter of fact, Tax 911 Now’s specialized tax consultant have been working with clients who got better results from us rather than their former tax lawyers.


What To Look For In Specialized Tax Consultants


What should you look for in a specialized tax consultant ? It’s important to choose a firm that understands people, and an experienced tax consultant that recognizes the need to help you find effective solutions to your tax problems. Good tax consultant should be able to see past your present problematic situation, create a sound strategy to combat your tax problems then act to help you clean up your tax problems with Canada Revenue Agency.


Don’t hesitate any longer, contact a specialized tax consultant today, and make a fresh start. Freedom from tax problems can give you a brand new start to life! Call Tax 911 Now at 1-877-918-2991 Today!