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Why Take Actions Now?

  • Filing your tax return late when owing a balance can lead to costly late filing penalties up to 50% of your owing.
  • If CRA does arbitrary assessment when you do not file. The risk of a tax review or audit is significantly increased when you do file later.
  • CRA may take legal actions. Unfiled tax problems do not go away unless you take actions!

Who are We?

We are a multi-disciplinary team of tax professionals that provides non-Traditional tax resolution services to help individuals and businesses to solve their urgent and often complex tax problems. We are kind and caring individuals. We are compassionate and we help you in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental manner.

Community Trusts Our Expertise!

Tax 911 Now team’s expertise has been recognized by community and public such as The Financial Post, CBC Radio One, OMNI TV and the City of Toronto.

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Why Tax 911 Now?

When dealing with complex tax problems, you need a team that combines the best of three professions:

  1. Expert accountants
  2. Experts in tax system – like CRA Tax Agents!
  3. Experts in negotiation-like lawyers!

Expert accountants alone won’t help as they may not know tax system well enough or are too intimidated to negotiate with CRA.

CRA’s tax agents understand tax system well, however, CRA agents’ job are to collect tax revenue, instead of helping you.

Expert lawyer alone cannot help you either. Often incorrect accounting and tax works are the root causes of your tax problems. Tax Lawyers can not diagnose them.

Yes, we do provide great combination of expertise and thus offer you the best quality services and best value.

We Fix Your Urgent Tax Problems Quickly & Affordably!

More importantly, we strive to meet the highest ethical standards as an organization. We believe if it is not good for our clients, it is not good for anyone.


Who Are Our Clients?

  • Businesses with years of unfiled income taxes, HST or payroll taxes.
  • Individuals with years of unfiled personal taxes
  • Businesses under tax audits including as income tax, payroll, HST and WSIB.
  • Individuals with tax audits problems for income reported, tax credit claimed.
  • Businesses with under-reported business income or over-reported business expenses.
  • Individuals with unreported income or undisclosed foreign assets.
  • Businesses or individuals who want to appeal an unfair tax (re)assessment.
  • Businesses under legal actions for owing tax debts to the CRA.
  • Individuals with personal income tax debts and can not afford to pay immediately.
  • Businesses or individuals charged with unknown tax debts by the CRA.
  • People who have too many tax problems and do not know where to start.


Service Guarantee 

     Within 24 Hours Action Guaranteed.

     Tax Expert Help to Reduce Stress.

     Honest & Ethical Services.

     Fair & Transparent Flat Fees. Best Value

     Caring & Friendly Expert Help.

3 Simple Steps to Get Help


Step 1: Contact Us to schedule a FREE Consultation. Fill Out Contact Form on Top Left or Call Now For A Free Consultation at 1.877.918.2991

Step 2: Receive a FREE Tax Analysis by an experienced tax consultant.

Step 3: Get Instant Relief. You can shift your tax burden from your shoulders onto ours.

Typically clients walk in with stressful faces & walk out much more relaxed.


What Our Clients Say

“I just wanted to thank you so much for doing my taxes. I can’t believe that I only owe approx. $4,000. I really thought it would be so much higher. You did an absolutely wonderful job and I am so grateful.”

S. M. 

“I received several letters in the mail by government demanding for taxes. Feeling quite embarrassed. I called several places. Most of them sounded very cold. Tax 911 Now’s agent sounded quite personal and comforting. So I went with them. It turned out that I was right about my intuition. Tax 911 Now’s agent has been very pleasant to deal with. They make me feel comfortable and less guilty about my tax situation”.

S. R.

“After getting threatening letter from the tax agent for not filing taxes for many years, my wife and I found Tax 911 Now! for help. They had pretty good understanding of our situations. They fixed our tax problems in a matter of a couple of weeks. Now we are clear and clean with the government on taxes. The stressful days are over.”

C. Q.

ACTION to take

  1. The first step is to stop procrastinating and hiding.
  2. CRA problems do not just go away unless YOU take action!
  3. Contact us to Get help immediately!


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