Just like yourself, no one wants his or her tax problems shown to the public. The testimonials below disguised clients’ full names to protect their privacy. Due to limited space, we only chose few here.

"After getting threatening letter from the tax agent for not filing taxes for many years, my wife and I found Tax 911 Now! for help. They had pretty good understanding of our situations. They fixed our tax problems in a matter of a couple of weeks. Now we are clear and clean with the government on taxes. The stressful days are over."

C. Q.

"I need to thank you again for your help. Without your help, I would have been paying so much more to the government for the gross penalties........"

P. L.

"CRA had my bank frozen. My mortgage could not go through because of it. To stop my credit ratings from being damaged further I called Tax 911 Now for help. One week later my bank account was free again. I am quite pleased with their service."

R. M.

"I just wanted to thank you so much for doing my taxes.  I can't believe that I only owe approx. $4,000.  I really thought it would be so much higher. You did an absolutely wonderful job and I am so grateful."

S. M.

"My wife, a certified accountant, did my bookkeeping and taxes for my small business for few years. Last year, I got audited. After first meeting with auditor, I realized that I needed help from professionals. So I went to Tax 911 Now. The consultant in Tax 911 Now asked about the whole situation and it turned out that my wife did not do the tax correctly. Tax 911 Now did a thorough work to come up with a new tax amount that I feel comfortable with. They helped me to get through the whole stressful audit time.  The tax result of the audit has been almost the same as what Tax 911 had predicted for me. In addition, they helped me to remove lots of tax penalties. I will come back to Tax 911 Now for my next year tax for sure."

J. P.

"Hi, I like the speed you guys getting back to me. Beats my old tax guy who does not get back to me till after many calls and emails."

M. S.

" I owed a lot of taxes and could not pay in lump sum to Canada Revenue Agent. An agent called and warned me about taking further legal action. Tax 911 helped me to negotiate a reasonable monthly payment plan that I could live with. Right now, I am still paying my taxes now under the payment plan done by Tax 911 Now. "

V. W.

"I received several letters in the mail by government demanding for taxes. Feeling quite embarrassed. I called several places. Most of them sounded very cold. Tax 911 Now’s agent sounded quite personal and comforting. So I went with them. It turned out that I was right about my intuition. Tax 911 Now’s agent has been very pleasant to deal with. They make me feel comfortable and less guilty about my tax situation".

S. R.

“I did not report real estate properties income back home for many years.  Two years ago, I started to have frightening nightmares; I decided to report the income to CRA.  My accountant referred me a lawyer who did a voluntary disclosure application and got approved by CRA. Half year later, I discovered some errors made in the voluntary disclosure that some incomes were still not reported. I called around and got turned down by several firms because second time disclosure is too hard to get approved. I got even more worried and could not sleep at all at night. I thought I was going to die. Luckily, Tax 911 Now agreed to help me despite the challenge of my case. Through their good works, my second time voluntary disclosure was again approved. I got all the penalties waived. CRA even reduced part of my interests. I quickly paid off the tax owing. Now, I can really sleep at night. That is a life saver…”

B. G.

"Thank you so much for your professional courteous service. You have helped me to move on with my life and I will always be grateful"

C. B.

"After spending tons of monies hiring a well known tax law firm to do the Tax Amnesty for me, I noticed some fairly big mistakes on my tax returns that caused me to pay more taxes than I should.  The law firm demanded more monies to fix the error. Tax 911 Now helped me to clean up the mess. I stayed withTax 911 for all my taxes needs since."

O. C.

"We got tax audit notice for our ebay business. Our case is high on CRA’s list because a senior audit team leader was involved and showed up in the audit meeting as well. Fortunately we had Tax 911 Now on our side who had provided us with thorough guidance to prepare for the meeting. The meeting went well and finished very quickly. The audit team leader concluded that Tax 911 Now has been very proactive and prepared answers for all the questions they had planned on their audit agenda. Without Tax 911 Now’s good preparation work, the assessment will be much higher because they would use their estimate instead. Luckily we decided not to do it ourselves. There is no way we can ever handle the audit on our own"

D. X. W.