“I did not report real estate properties income back home for many years.  Two years ago, I started to have frightening nightmares; I decided to report the income to CRA.  My accountant referred me a lawyer who did a voluntary disclosure application and got approved by CRA. Half year later, I discovered some errors made in the voluntary disclosure that some incomes were still not reported. I called around and got turned down by several firms because second time disclosure is too hard to get approved. I got even more worried and could not sleep at all at night. I thought I was going to die. Luckily, Tax 911 Now agreed to help me despite the challenge of my case. Through their good works, my second time voluntary disclosure was again approved. I got all the penalties waived. CRA even reduced part of my interests. I quickly paid off the tax owing. Now, I can really sleep at night. That is a life saver…”

B. G.