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Taking Part In The Canadian Voluntary Disclosure Program

It is easy to make a mistake if you fill in your tax return without professional help. It could be that you misinterpret what needs to be done, or just don’t put the figures in the right place. In Canada, the Canadian Voluntary Disclosure Program allows residents to contact the CRA and let them know about incorrect » Read More

CRA Voluntary Disclosure Helps to Waive Penalties

In case of unreported income or late filing taxes that relates old tax years problem. Taxpayers have the option to file voluntary disclosure, CRA could grant a complete waive of interests and sometimes a partial relief of interest. If taxpayer files an anonymous voluntary disclosure, the taxpayer has a period of ninety days from the » Read More

A Roadmap to Voluntary Disclosure Program Canada

A voluntary disclosure could be made by any taxpayer in Canada. You can be an individual, a business enterprise or a trust. You can be a resident or a non-resident of Canada. You can be an employer or a payer. You are entitled even to appoint an authorized representative to file a disclosure on your » Read More