Tax 911 Now! Affiliate Program

Worried about Increased Competition or Flattened Sales?

Our Proven Program Can Fuel Your Business Growth Again!    
We Will Provide You with New Clients!Get Specialized and Serve A Growing Niche Market!

Why Join Tax 911 Now?

  • New Clients Provided
  • No Additional Overhead
  • No Competition with Your Existing Business
  • Great Cash Flow
  • No slow down after April
  • On Going Training/Support
  • Centralized Call Center
  • Proven System & Success
  • Low Risk, High Return
  • Centralized Marketing
  • Limited Number of Licenses
Are You a Suitable Candidate?

Before exploring this opportunity further, it is very important to ask yourself the following questions to make sure that you are the right candidate.

  • Do you have an established traditional accounting tax business practice already?
  • Have you lost some clients to lower priced competitors?
  • Are you concerned because your business revenue has been flat or declining due to competition?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then you are a potential candidate for this opportunity.

One last key question that will determine your eligibility:

  • Are you a certified accountant or do you have certified accountants on staff?

If your answer is yes then congratulations, you are a potential and eligible candidate. You now hold the pass to the entrance of this exciting venture.

The Power of Specialization

It is common sense for any professional service that specialists will always do better financially than generalists. Just think of the heart surgeon versus your family physician.

It is a world of specialization out there. Being a generalist competing with a big crowd won’t lead your way to financial success.

Become an Affiliated Member in Your City!

With CRA becoming more and more aggressive in pursuing taxpayers, there is a huge demand for non-traditional tax resolution services. However, nine out of ten traditional accounting tax service providers do not have the know-how to serve the demand.

By becoming an affiliate of Tax 911 Now, we will refer new clients to you. In addition, we will provide the training needed to make you a specialist and to successfully deliver the tax resolution services.

We have a limited numbers of affiliate locations available in each city.

Our Success

Tax 911 Now was founded with the mission to provide leading tax resolution services in North America and internationally through a network of affiliated locations. In a few years, Tax 911 Now has developed its business system and has done business model testing successfully. Tax 911 Now has since initiated the process of becoming listed on the Canadian National Stock Exchange. While waiting for the public listing to be completed, Tax 911 Now network is well on its way to becoming the market leader in Tax Resolution Industry.

Join us to become an affiliate of the biggest professional tax resolution network and take advantage of this opportunity before the limited locations are all gone in your city.