Training & Support

Training and Support

Adding More Revenue is Easier Than You Think!

Why Join Tax 911 Now?

  • New Clients Provided
  • No Additional Overhead
  • No Competition with Your Existing Business
  • Great Cash Flow
  • No slow down after April
  • On Going Training/Support
  • Centralized Call Center
  • Proven System & Success
  • Low Risk, High Return
  • Centralized Marketing
  • Limited Number of Licenses
By now you have already learned from your own business experience that successfully growing your business requires passion, perseverance and patience. At Tax 911 Now, we’re here to help. We have experience when it comes to helping people like you grow your business.
You can count on us for the knowledge and guidance to make the process as smooth and problem-free as possible. Support and coaching is our commitment to you!

Comprehensive Training
Your training will begin with an pre-assessment of your skill and experience set so that we know what area you need more training and help. Our training program is effective and comprehensive. We know that members are new to the concepts of non-traditional tax resolution industry. We work with you to develop the skills you’ll need for all aspects of your newly added business. It’s our job to provide the guidelines that will lead to your success.

Ongoing Training and Support

Our dedication to your training starts when you join our network and continues while you run your new business operation. We know there will be many new things that are unfamiliar to you and you need help. You’ll be able to call us anytime after your new business is up and running. Our commitment to you never ends when you’re part of the Tax 911 Now network.

Support Line

Any questions that arise throughout your day can be quickly addressed by calling the support line. We are always only one call away.

Market & Territory Support

We will ensure that on-going training and support is provided to you in your operating location.

Tax 911 Now Affiliate Network

A big advantage of being a Tax 911 Now affiliated member is the opportunity to learn synergistic knowledge of non-traditional tax resolution business from successful leaders in the industry. By becoming part of the Tax 911 Now network you will be able to capture the opportunity in this fast growing new industry that you would have otherwise missed.