Branding & Promotion

Branding & Promotion

Centralized Marketing Saves Your Marketing Expenses

Our Marketing Expertise Ensures The Brand Power in The Market Place.

Why Join Tax 911 Now?

  • New Clients Provided
  • No Additional Overhead
  • No Competition with Your Existing Business
  • Great Cash Flow
  • No slow down after April
  • On Going Training/Support
  • Centralized Call Center
  • Proven System & Success
  • Low Risk, High Return
  • Centralized Marketing
  • Limited Number of Licenses

Comprehensive Marketing Strategies
Over the years we’ve created a distinct position for ourselves in the market. Our proven marketing strategy and advertising methods have been developed to ensure that as a Tax 911 Now affiliate, you will get maximum exposure and recognition in the market.

Name and Logo

A critical component to any brand’s success is its name and logo. Tax 911 Now’s brand logo and catchy name remain highly distinguishable. Our strong brand name and slogan clearly separate us from other service providers. Tax 911 Now well defines our service and continues to strengthen through effective marketing and superior client service. We have Trade Mark pending on our trade name in both Canada and US.

National Advertising

As part of the Tax 911 Now brand you will receive all the benefits of a national advertising program.


Our memorable domain plays an instrumental role in communicating our service to our prospective clients. Our website also communicates within your service territory and provides the clients with clear messages about the unique services you provide.

Effective Online Marketing Strategies

We’ve developed an effective online marketing strategy that ensures Tax 911 Now appears on the first page of web search engine results. Our proven online marketing strategy helps us to maintain the leading position in the market place. The online marketing expertise we possess brings benefits to local licensed members in growing their business revenue.