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The Task assigned to a Tax Collection Agent

If the CRA does not accept your tax return, it will assign an auditor and later on tax collection agent to your case. The task of the tax collection agent is to make sure that your complete tax dues are collected. In view of the tax dues not being collected in full, the tax collection agent » Read More

The Role of a Tax Collection Agent

Who is a tax collection agent? What is his or her role? A tax collection agent is appointed by the Canada Revenue Agency. The agent is well trained in the process of collecting taxes and making sure that the tax debts are paid in full. A tax collection agent is fully aware of the rules » Read More

How the CRA Collections System works?

How the CRA Collections System works? Since 1st August, 2005, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has been given the responsibility of the cra collections of tax debts which was previously being handles by the Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC). CRA collection has the accountability for tax debts that are due to HRSDC through student loans, employment » Read More