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Setting up Tax Payment Plans with CRA

When the CRA processes your income tax return, it will send you a Notice of Assessment. This Notice of Assessment will show a tax balance that you owe to the CRA and it is possible that you may not be in a position to pay this amount immediately and in one lump sum. When you » Read More

Working out a Tax Payment Plan with CRA

If you are facing a tax audit or have a huge tax debt to settle with the CRA, you need professional help to work out a tax payment plan with CRA. Some people run into financial difficulties and do not put aside sufficient money to pay the year end taxes. They should be proactive and keep » Read More

How the CRA Collections System works?

How the CRA Collections System works? Since 1st August, 2005, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has been given the responsibility of the cra collections of tax debts which was previously being handles by the Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC). CRA collection has the accountability for tax debts that are due to HRSDC through student loans, employment » Read More

When to Work out a CRA Tax Payment Plan

When some people in Canada get their tax assessment notices for filing their returns, they do not have sufficient funds to pay their taxes and they end up with tax debts. Interest accumulates on the principal tax amount and it continues to grow as long as the amount is left unpaid. All tax defaulters require » Read More

CRA Tax Payment Plan Negotiation

When do you need a CRA Tax Payment Plan? When taxpayers owe taxes and the taxpayer ignores the tax debts, not only will they be putting themselves in serious trouble, but they will also see the amount of money that they owe rapidly increase due to daily compounding interest charges and penalties. The CRA has » Read More