CRA Tax Payment Plan Negotiation

When do you need a CRA Tax Payment Plan?

When taxpayers owe taxes and do not deal with promptly, not only will they be putting themselves in serious trouble, but they will also see the amount of money that they owe rapidly increase due to daily compounding interest charges and penalties.

The CRA has many ways to retrieve the tax owing and the CRA will not hesitate to follow through on aggressive collections practices even take legal actions against taxpayers in the absence of a CRA tax payment plan. The CRA can put liens against a delinquent taxpayer’s property, they can direct sheriffs to sell taxpayers’ assets, freeze taxpayer’s bank accounts or they can garnish income. Dealing with taxes owing or negotiating a CRA tax payment plan with aggressive CRA collection agent can be intimidating for anyone.

Why get professional help with the CRA tax payment plan?

Neglecting to pay taxes is a serious matter. If the tax problems have been a lingering problems for years, then the penalties and daily compounded interest alone are way too overwhelming to pay off easily, which in turn will lead to potential legal actions by CRA in the attempt to collect the taxes. For this reason, the help of a tax professional is very important.

Seasoned tax professionals will be able to perform effective negotiation on your behalf with CRA. Well negotiated CRA tax payment plan can be a good option for taxpayers who are struggling to deal with typically aggressive tax collection agents on their own.

No one will be able to get away with not paying their taxes. But having a professional on the job that can work with the CRA before a client loses property or sees their credit rating severely damaged can make all the differences.

What you need to do immediately to get a CRA tax payment plan negotiated?

If you owe large tax amount that are beyond your means and you are under stressful collection pursuing by CRA. Then it is time for you to find tax professionals to negotiate a CRA tax payment plan with the CRA collection agents before any legal actions are initiated against you.

It makes far more sense, and will be less costly, to resolve your tax problem with the tax man right away, rather than dealing with the financial burden of wage garnishment, bank levy or other penalties later.

The first step is to stop procrastinating and running. Take action today!

Hire someone who is qualified and has the experience to help you solve tax  problems. Many people try to get the CRA tax payment plan themselves, resulting in negative results.

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