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The Best Way To Apply for CRA Tax Relief

However difficult it may be for you, it is important that tax debt is paid before anything else. If you miss payments there are a lot of penalties that could be imposed, but one major problem is that fact that interest can be added, and this will make it even harder to pay it off. » Read More

What can be claimed as Taxpayer Relief Help?

Taxpayer relief help can be given in conditions where some actions of the CRA have come in the way of the taxpayer’s obligations. Other conditions that apply for seeking taxpayer relief help could be inability to pay on part of the taxpayer due to financial hardship and through circumstances arising out of natural calamities or civil disturbances and » Read More

Taxpayer Relief Toronto – A Great Relief Program For Taxpayers

Taxpayer relief Toronto is always available to every taxpayer. However, certain conditions must be met in order for one to qualify for the same. You must present your request in writing. In your written submissions, you are required to attach all documents that support your case. You must also explain the ground upon which you » Read More