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Important Factors about Taxpayer Relief Canada

In an ideal world, tax will be affordable, and will be paid on time so as there will not be a penalty or interest added to the account. This will not always be possible especially when there is a recession and everyone is finding that money is tight. When payment is not made or is made late there will be additional charges added and this will make it even harder to pay. If you have got into a situation where the bill has not been paid and you have been hit with charges, then it is possible to apply for taxpayer relief Canada.

If you do require assistance for tax debts, taxpayer relief Canada does have a well thought out and well presented system of providing it. Although they will not agree to lower the amount of tax principle you owe, it will be possible to have the amount of interest reduced and in some cases extra amounts in the form of penalties can be reduced.

When dealing with taxpayer relief Canada application,  our well experienced tax consultants will review the request first and decide if the relief can be provided. The Minister of National Revenue is the entity who is responsible for making the decision and they have the authority to either grant total removal of the penalties and interest that has been added or at least a proportion of it.

There is more chance of receiving the taxpayer relief Canada approval if you do not make the request yourself but make it through a third party. The best people to contact for help will be professionals who have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to Canadian tax law, and also have experience of dealing with the CRA.

The advice that you will be given is to file your tax returns anyway as at least this way there will not be a late filing fees. It is not possible to be considered for taxpayer relief Canada if not all of the relevant papers have been disclosed.

There are many reasons why relief may be given and a wide range of issues are covered. Firstly it can be a natural disaster that is responsible for the return not being made on time. When considering taxpayer relief Canada law allows for the destruction of records, secondly if it is the fault of the CRA and this will cover things such as delays in informing the resident what their obligation was or not answering queries in a timely manner. Thirdly, financial hardship will be taken into account but this will have to be proved. It will be when it is not possible to pay to keep a roof over your head and feed the family.

There is a final category that means you may receive taxpayer relief Canada, and that will include everything not covered by the others, as long as it is an extraordinary reason. The tax specialists you work with will be able to tell you what they are, and that is why working with a tax professional is so important.

The Best Way To Apply for CRA Tax Relief

However difficult it may be for you, it is important that tax debt is paid before anything else. If you miss payments there are a lot of penalties that could be imposed, but one major problem is that fact that interest can be added, and this will make it even harder to pay it off. It is possible to get CRA tax relief but there is no guarantee that everyone who applies will be successful.


You can apply for CRA tax relief if you are a business or an individual, and if accepted you will be able to wipe out some of the interest and charges that have been added to the account. It will not reduce the amount of tax you legitimately owe, so you need to be prepared to pay the initial bill you will have received. CRA tax relief will make things easier for you, but it will not wipe out your tax debt completely. These charges could have built up over a number of years, and at times could double the debt you have.


It is not just a case of asking for CRA tax relief, you must be able to prove that you are a special case and need to have the charges removed. The factors that will go in your favor will be financial hardship and a variety of medical conditions that includes an addiction or mental health issues. Natural disaster will be taken into account as will death. It is also likely that you will receive CRA tax relief if the bill has increased so much as a result of mistakes made by the CRA.


Even if you fit into one of the categories indicated above, the process is not easy and there will be a long road ahead of you. To make the journey easier, you could take professional advice and allow an organization to make the request for CRA tax relief for you. For you, this may be the first time that you are going through the process and you are not aware of the nuances of the law. For them it is a regular occurrence and they will know what is important and what is not when requesting CRA tax relief.


The difference between success and failure could be the way that the application is worded and presented. The CRA will not want to lose money and while they will work within the law, if possible they will not grant CRA tax relief unless they have to. If the case put before them is flawless and makes it clear that you are a deserving case, you will find it easier to have the penalties lifted.


As applying for CRA tax relief is a detailed process, a professional will always be able to get you better results than you would get by applying yourself.  Free consultations are available for you to know if you have a chance of having your debt reduced without having to pay out any more money. Your consultant will let you know if you are likely to be successful before you proceed.

Essential Information for Canadian Taxpayer Relief

Any sensible person would never want to suffer from tax debt that is uncontrollable and the best way to avoid paying of interest and penalty on your taxes are to pay them on time. There are however times when seeking Canadian taxpayer relief becomes out of control when an individual is forced to pay interest and penalties along with the accrued tax return amount.

Depending solely on these circumstances, the CRA allows relief for taxpayers. This relief allows waiving off any additional interest or penalty that adds up on the original tax amount. There are also ways through which the original tax amount can be paid in easy installments throughout the year. Under Canadian taxpayer relief provisions, the taxpayer is allowed a period of 10 years in which he or she can make a relief request provided that their situation comply with the allowed provisions under which Canadian taxpayer relief is granted.

It should be remembered that CRA very exhaustively and comprehensively confirms on whether a Canadian taxpayer reliefrequest complies with the stated situations of relief. There are certain situations that render a taxpayer as being eligible for CRA taxpayer relief. These situations include

–          Extraordinary Circumstances

–          Financial Hardship

–          CRA’s Action

Extraordinary circumstances refer to situations that are beyond the control of a taxpayer, rather any individual. Any such occurrence that acts as a hindrance for a taxpayer towards payment of taxes such as a natural disaster, serious kind of illness, services disruptions of any kind such as a postal strike, etc can be waived of by the CRA.

Financial hardships also make an individual eligible for Canadian taxpayer relief provision, however CRA will to an extended limit confirm on the inability of a taxpayer to pay and only after confirmation will it waive off the excess interest and penalty on the tax amount. Not every financial inability is entertained in this regard whatsoever, except those that cause inability to provide even the very basic necessity of life such as food, clothing and shelter.

Another Canadian taxpayer relief provision that allows waiving off penalty and interest is due to the doing of the CRA itself. For example any interest or penalty that is imposed on a taxpayer which resulted due to a late processing by the CRA or delay in informing the taxpayer about the tax is also waived off by the CRA.

Other than the defined reasons there can be other circumstances in which the Canadian taxpayer relief can also levy however the provided reasoning should be truly justified. Also in order to consider the taxpayer relief request, the Canada Revenue Agency considers certain factors that contribute towards the decision of accepting or rejecting the request.

These factors include

–          Tax compliance history

–          Whether the existing arrears amount is knowingly allowed to exist

–          If previous tax affairs were handled with a reasonable amount of care         and

–          The appropriateness of the taken actions.

Whatever the action may be, it is totally on the discretion of CRA to grant or refuse Canadian taxpayer relief request and it is in no way bound by the grant relief provision.



The CRA under the grant relief provision reserves the rights to waive off penalty and interest levied on taxpayers provided they qualify for it based on the specified rules. Taxpayers supported by the Canadian taxpayer relief program can prove their inability to pay and avail the provision for themselves.

What is a Canadian Taxpayer Relief

Canadian Taxpayer relief refers to reaching a negotiating with the CRA where the debt issue is resolved through waiving or cancelling off the interest or penalty amount from the actual payable taxes of a debtor. Canadian taxpayer relief program was designed to offer relief to taxpayers who were unable to pay their tax debt s owing to

– Any extraordinary circumstances

– An action of the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency)

– Financial hardships resulting in inability to pay off debts

– Other similar circumstances

Canadian tax relief for a debtor is specified differently under cancelling of the debt and wavering of the tax debt. By cancelling of a tax debt it is meant that the already levied penalty or interest on a taxpayer is cancelled either in whole or partially, however wavering of taxpayer debt allows amnesty or relief from a future interest or penalty that will be levied.

As listed above one way of Canadian taxpayer relief is wavering or cancelling of interest and penalty owing to extraordinary circumstances. These extraordinary circumstances include

– occurrence of an accident or any illness

– facing disasters that are either natural or manmade such as floods, fires, etc

– any civil disturbance incidence that cause disruptions in any one or many services such as strikes in postal service         and

– Severe mental or emotional distress such as death of a close or immediate member of the family.


Further on actions of the CRA that allow Canadian taxpayer relief include

– Any error present in the CRA material that resulted in a taxpayer filing a return of any payment that was based on any incorrect information

– Any processing delays that resulted in not informing of the taxpayer and the assigned time of paying owed amount was over.

– Processing error

– Any incorrect information to a taxpayer usually in writing by CRA

– Any undue delay in audit completion or resolving of an appeal or objection

– Any information delays that hinder taxpayer from paying his dues on time.


These are the conditions besides proved inability to pay taxes and other circumstances that make a taxpayer eligible for Canadian tax relief.

There is a common misconception that taxpayer relief can be obtained only once and so giving it the best shot once is always a good idea. This is not true as tax relief can be applied for by individuals as many times as they are warranted for it. That is when any of the above mentioned conditions are present Canadian taxpayer relief can be applied for.

Also applying for a Canadian taxpayer relief through not filing the tax returns initially and then later on proving bankruptcy or inability to pay will not render a taxpayer eligible for the Canadian tax relief. Not filing taxes is an offense and can be prosecuted. It is essential to file all outstanding returns before filing for the Canadian taxpayer relief program as it will not be considered until everything is up to current.

Also any birth disability with an individual will not make him eligible for a Canadian taxpayer relief program as if he or she has managed to pull it this far they can do it in future as well. Since filing for taxpayer relief is a very complex process, hiring the service of a tax expert company such as Tax SOS will help you in following the right direction and ultimately success in getting the Canadian tax relief if you qualify for it.



Canadian taxpayer relief program was designed to relieve tax debtors from paying interest and penalties that are levied on them that were either due to an error of the CRA, inability to pay off, an extraordinary occurrence or some other circumstances. CRA allows tax relief to any individual as many times as he proved to be worthy of it.

Eligibility Criteria for the Taxpayer Relief

If you want to consider sending out an application under the Taxpayer Relief Program in Canada, you have to first think in terms of hiring some professional consultants who can help you go through with it. This should be done even when you find a lot of information on the web around CRA’s Taxpayer Relief Program which was previously referred to as the Fairness Program.

Not everyone who reads the information on taxpayer relief scheme can understand it thoroughly. The information could turn very easily into misinformation around this program. It is the experienced tax accounting firms who can interpret all the details concerning the taxpayer relief program.

The important objectives of the taxpayer relief program are worth going through after investing time and effort into their application. It is better, still, to employ the service experts who know the program, in and out.

The Taxpayer Relief Program in Canada was created to enable the Minister of National Revenue to offer relief schemes from penalty and interest charges when certain circumstances held a taxpayer back from meeting the tax obligations. The taxpayers could be individuals or business corporations. The term `taxpayer’ also includes employers or payors, partnerships, organisations, trusts, estates, Goods & Services Tax (GST) and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) claimants or registrants.

These exceptional situations could be broadly categorised as:

  1. Inability to pay the taxes on account of financial hardship.
  2. Certain actions taken by the CRA; those were of an erroneous nature.
  3. Extra ordinary circumstances such as acts of nature of Force Majeure.
  4. Other Circumstances.


The taxpayer relief program makes a distinction between the cancellation and the waiver of the penalties and interest charges. The justification behind this was provided by the CRA as it understood that the granting of relief to a taxpayer was redundant if the same taxpayer was burdened by interest and penalties, making the whole relief scheme a futile exercise. The term `cancellation’ refers to penalties and interest amounts after they are assessed or charged, towards which the relief is provided in whole or in part by the CRA.

The extraordinary circumstances cover penalties and interest charges that are either cancelled or waived in part or in whole when they are affected by circumstances beyond the control of the taxpayers. These extraordinary circumstances may prevent taxpayers from paying their taxes when they fall due, preventing them from filing their tax returns in time or complying with the tax obligations. These circumstances include natural or man-made disasters like a fire or a flood. They may include civil disturbances with services being disrupted. There may be circumstances like a serious ailment or an accident that causes partial or permanent disability. The circumstances also include severe emotional and mental distress that may arise out of certain events that occur in a family such as a death in the immediate family.

A response from the CRA concerning the Taxpayer Relief Program may take anywhere from three months to a couple of years depending on the number of request applications that fall due. It is, therefore, advisable, to engage the services of tax professionals as they will be in the best position to assess whether your request is adequate or not. This makes it worthwhile before you file the application for the review and consideration of the CRA.

Facing CRA Tax Problems?

Facing tax problem put a great deal of stress on an individual. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is trying to undergo a CRA tax problem alone. This can prove to be detrimental to one’s financial and emotional well being. Therefore, anyone who is about to experience a CRA tax problem in Toronto and other regions should seek out the necessary help from qualified individuals in order to better understand their tax problems and the options that they have available to them. Having tax problems and dealing with the tax agency can be a scary experience for many individuals. Having the assistance that is provided from Tax 911 Now is invaluable for anyone who is about to experience a CRA’s challenge in Toronto and surrounding areas. 


Having Tax Problems?

Virtually everyone has tax problems at one time or another. The problems may be through no real fault of the individual in question or they may be because the individual did not take the time to fully understand what their duties and obligations were concerning their taxes. Working with a tax consultant based in Toronto can help them to better understand what their duties and obligations are. Tax consultant also helps people to better understand what their options are if they are facing a CRA tax problem in Toronto. Getting help from a qualified representative at Tax 911 Now helps people to better understand what they are truly facing and how they can work through it successfully. Services are provided in Toronto, York and Durham Regions plus surrounding areas.

Need Tax Relief for Large Tax Debts Owing?

Tax relief is essential for any individual with large tax debts to protect their financial health. More importantly, taxpayer relief Toronto is something that can be provided by qualified individuals who understand the tax laws and how they apply to each individual’s circumstances. Many people choose to speak with a tax consultant Toronto because they are unsure of how to proceed with their taxes given their circumstances or they are looking for some type of tax relief because they are unable to pay at the current rate.

Revenue Canada Tax Audits

The main thing that you you should know about a CRA audit is that it does not have to be a frightening experience as long as you work closely with qualified tax consultants to help you better understand your situation. It is important that you contact a representative from Tax 911 Now as quickly as possible in order to ensure that you have the greatest amount of time to fully understand your tax situation and possible outcomes. To find out more information you can call 1-877-918-2991. For a more personal meeting you can come for a visit. The office is located at 129 Telson Road, Suite #100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4.

Tax Relief Help for Taxes Owed to CRA

There are many people who could get a notice from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This is the governmental body that will help decide whether you should pay penalties for back taxes you may owe. Some may find themselves owing quite a bit in penalties and interests. If you have this issue, you may want to think about possibly cutting a deal with the CRA. Sometimes, they are willing to reduce penalties or interests through the CRA taxpayer relief program. This is a beneficial program that may help people like you to recover financially and get back on the path to solvency.


First steps to CRA taxpayer relief

First, you will want to simply take stock of the tax penalties that have accrued on your account. Think about the different options and solutions you may have. If you don’t feel like you will be capable of paying these debts off, you will want to consider finding a way to get in to a CRA taxpayer relief program. The experts at Tax 911 Now may be able to help you do just that. Gather up the relevant information about your tax situation and try to call them soon. They are able to help many people including but not limited to Toronto and the York & Durham Region areas.

You may be wondering how they can help you if you are facing a considerably difficult tax situation. There are quite a few people who will not be able to keep pace with the accruing penalties that they face. There are resources available for them if they enter the CRA taxpayer relief programs. CRA will likely expect that you will still pay off a considerable amount of the sum you owe. But they may be willing to waive some penalties and interests. This CRA taxpayer relief program has the potential to make your tax debts payment to be more manageable.

The CRA taxpayer relief program has certain requirement to be eligible. Such as financial hardship or other uncontrollable circumstances such as health or financial disasters, family death, etc. If you have financial hardship, this may be the solution that you are looking for. The professionals at Tax 911 Now will guide you through this delicate process with care.


Contact Tax 911 Now, we are a quick phone call away

Finally, some people will want to know how they can get in contact with Tax 911 Now. If you are interested in the CRA taxpayer relief program, you should give us a call. Try to reach Tax 911 Now team at 1-877-918-2991 or come for a visit. Tax 911 Now provide service to people living in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and all over Canada.

Tax Payer Relief by CRA’s Taxpayer Relief Program

CRA has been training all their agents, such as auditors or collection agents, to use the buzz word “Tax payer relief” when communicating with tax payers as if that is an easy and simple request to make to get a big reduction of the tax debts

The matter of the fact is that every tax payer wants to have their tax debts reduced. To not open a gate of flood, CRA’s criteria for tax payer relief are quite strict to say the least.

CRA normally grants tax payer relief from penalties and interest due to extraordinary circumstances, actions of the CRA and inability to pay or financial hardship. Penalties and interest may be waived or cancelled in whole or in part where there are circumstances that are beyond the taxpayer’s control.

The following are typical examples of situations that may merit for tax payer relief:

Natural or man-made disasters such as, floods, fires, hurricanes, civil disturbances, Serious illness or accidents,  Serious mental or emotional distress, such as a death in the immediate family.

Mistakes of CRA: you can apply under taxpayer relief if actions of the CRA caused the penalties and interest including:

–  Processing delays within a reasonable time whereby the taxpayer was not informed of the amount owing;

–  Errors in materials by CRA which led to a mistake.

–  Incorrect information provided to the taxpayer in writing;

–  Errors in processing,

–  Delays in resolving an objection or an appeal.

Tax payer relief provision enables the taxpayer to settle their account with possible financial relief. The result of successful taxpayer relief includes:

– Waive or cancel penalties and interest,

– Extend the filing-due date for making certain elections or grant permission to amend or revoke certain elections.

– Authorize a refund to an individual even though an income tax return is filed outside the normal filing period;

– Authorize a reassessment or re-determination for an individual beyond the three-year normal reassessment period to allow a refund or a reduction in an amount payable.

You have 10 years from the end of the calendar year in which the tax year or fiscal period at issue ended to make a request to the CRA for tax payer relief.

We have gained special knowledge that CRA does not share with public about tax payer relief approving factors that we have achieved great success over. Just see yourself what the satisfied client say about their tax payer relief results in their testimonials. You can be the next.

You many think that you are not qualified, if you do not ask, you lose 100%. By asking the help from experienced professionals, you chance of getting tax payer relief is much increased.

What You Need to Do Now to Get Tax Payer Relief

Hire someone who is qualified and has the experience to help you to get your tax reduced. Many people try to handle the tax payer relief themselves, resulting in frustrating results because they do not understand the how tax payer relief system work. Keep in mind the tax payer relief is more than just a simple request. You need strong support from various aspects.

Why Choose Tax 911 Now Team for Tax Payer Relief

We have helped clients in reducing their tax debts by filing tax payer relief and negotiated excellent settlement for them. See what happy clients say about our Tax payer relief service in the testimonial.

Tax 911 Now tax payer relief services are offered across Canada in:

  • Toronto
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Our initial consultation is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. You will get comprehensive analysis of your tax situation and recommended solutions in the first meeting. Then you can decide what to do from there.