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Professional Canadian TAX Accountants

Are you facing any of the following tax issues? Issues on back taxes, late taxes, unfilled taxes? Personal, self-employed business, Corporate and business tax issues? Unreported Income, under-reported income? Issue with tax audit (Income tax, GST/HST, PST, payroll, WSIB)? International tax issues? Owing large tax debt, tax penalties and interests? Income garnishment, tax lien? That » Read More

Tax Representation Canada

When do you need a tax representative? When a taxpayer has a complicated tax situation that needs extra attention, we always recommend that Professional Tax Representation be used.  Representation is also useful if a taxpayer does not have the time or desire to speak to the CRA on their own. Why use a tax representative? » Read More

Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP)

As the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) moves forward to aggressively address non-compliance on unreported income or unfiled taxes, it becomes more important that you need to be aware of the Voluntary Disclosures Programs (VDP) In cases of gross negligence, the Income Tax Act allows the CRA to assess a penalty of up to 50% of the unpaid » Read More

Unfiled Tax Returns to CRA

There are more and more people experiencing problems of unfiled tax returns. It is understandable that there are many priorities in people’s lives and thus sometimes it is becoming increasingly difficult for taxpayers to catch up with their tax filing obligations. The CRA, however, views your situation differently, not in sympathy perspective as CRA is, » Read More