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Important Factors about Taxpayer Relief Canada

In an ideal world, tax will be affordable, and will be paid on time so as there will not be a penalty or interest added to the account. This will not always be possible especially when there is a recession and everyone is finding that money is tight. When payment is not made or is made late there will be additional charges added and this will make it even harder to pay. If you have got into a situation where the bill has not been paid and you have been hit with charges, then it is possible to apply for taxpayer relief Canada.

If you do require assistance for tax debts, taxpayer relief Canada does have a well thought out and well presented system of providing it. Although they will not agree to lower the amount of tax principle you owe, it will be possible to have the amount of interest reduced and in some cases extra amounts in the form of penalties can be reduced.

When dealing with taxpayer relief Canada application,  our well experienced tax consultants will review the request first and decide if the relief can be provided. The Minister of National Revenue is the entity who is responsible for making the decision and they have the authority to either grant total removal of the penalties and interest that has been added or at least a proportion of it.

There is more chance of receiving the taxpayer relief Canada approval if you do not make the request yourself but make it through a third party. The best people to contact for help will be professionals who have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to Canadian tax law, and also have experience of dealing with the CRA.

The advice that you will be given is to file your tax returns anyway as at least this way there will not be a late filing fees. It is not possible to be considered for taxpayer relief Canada if not all of the relevant papers have been disclosed.

There are many reasons why relief may be given and a wide range of issues are covered. Firstly it can be a natural disaster that is responsible for the return not being made on time. When considering taxpayer relief Canada law allows for the destruction of records, secondly if it is the fault of the CRA and this will cover things such as delays in informing the resident what their obligation was or not answering queries in a timely manner. Thirdly, financial hardship will be taken into account but this will have to be proved. It will be when it is not possible to pay to keep a roof over your head and feed the family.

There is a final category that means you may receive taxpayer relief Canada, and that will include everything not covered by the others, as long as it is an extraordinary reason. The tax specialists you work with will be able to tell you what they are, and that is why working with a tax professional is so important.

Tax Payer Relief by CRA’s Taxpayer Relief Program

CRA has been training all their agents, such as auditors or collection agents, to use the buzz word “Tax payer relief” when communicating with tax payers as if that is an easy and simple request to make to get a big reduction of the tax debts

The matter of the fact is that every tax payer wants to have their tax debts reduced. To not open a gate of flood, CRA’s criteria for tax payer relief are quite strict to say the least.

CRA normally grants tax payer relief from penalties and interest due to extraordinary circumstances, actions of the CRA and inability to pay or financial hardship. Penalties and interest may be waived or cancelled in whole or in part where there are circumstances that are beyond the taxpayer’s control.

The following are typical examples of situations that may merit for tax payer relief:

Natural or man-made disasters such as, floods, fires, hurricanes, civil disturbances, Serious illness or accidents,  Serious mental or emotional distress, such as a death in the immediate family.

Mistakes of CRA: you can apply under taxpayer relief if actions of the CRA caused the penalties and interest including:

–  Processing delays within a reasonable time whereby the taxpayer was not informed of the amount owing;

–  Errors in materials by CRA which led to a mistake.

–  Incorrect information provided to the taxpayer in writing;

–  Errors in processing,

–  Delays in resolving an objection or an appeal.

Tax payer relief provision enables the taxpayer to settle their account with possible financial relief. The result of successful taxpayer relief includes:

– Waive or cancel penalties and interest,

– Extend the filing-due date for making certain elections or grant permission to amend or revoke certain elections.

– Authorize a refund to an individual even though an income tax return is filed outside the normal filing period;

– Authorize a reassessment or re-determination for an individual beyond the three-year normal reassessment period to allow a refund or a reduction in an amount payable.

You have 10 years from the end of the calendar year in which the tax year or fiscal period at issue ended to make a request to the CRA for tax payer relief.

We have gained special knowledge that CRA does not share with public about tax payer relief approving factors that we have achieved great success over. Just see yourself what the satisfied client say about their tax payer relief results in their testimonials. You can be the next.

You many think that you are not qualified, if you do not ask, you lose 100%. By asking the help from experienced professionals, you chance of getting tax payer relief is much increased.

What You Need to Do Now to Get Tax Payer Relief

Hire someone who is qualified and has the experience to help you to get your tax reduced. Many people try to handle the tax payer relief themselves, resulting in frustrating results because they do not understand the how tax payer relief system work. Keep in mind the tax payer relief is more than just a simple request. You need strong support from various aspects.

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