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Let a Competent Toronto Tax Help Consultant Solve Your CRA Tax Audit or Dispute Problems

The most important time to look for Toronto tax help is when you have a tax dispute with the Canada Revenue Authority. It is nearly impossible to get yourself out of a tax dispute with the CRA. You need a knowledgeable tax consultant to take you through this difficult and stressful procedure. If you are » Read More

Six Essential Tax Preparation Tips

If your tax situation has gotten little more complicated this year, you’ll want to read this. At Tax 911 Now we have some tips to give you so that you can get your tax preparation completed as soon as possible. The sooner you file your taxes, the less money you’ll have to pay in penalties » Read More

Tax Audit Help Toronto, Tax Audit Help Canada

Need Tax Audit Help Toronto, Canada?

Need Tax Audit Help Toronto, Canada? Each year countless Toronto residents live in fear of having their tax returns audited by the CRA in Canada. If you ever get a notice from the CRA about being audited, you should turn to professionals, like the tax team at, for tax audit help Toronto. Tax payer » Read More

Professional Canadian TAX Accountants

Are you facing any of the following tax issues? Issues on back taxes, late taxes, unfilled taxes? Personal, self-employed business, Corporate and business tax issues? Unreported Income, under-reported income? Issue with tax audit (Income tax, GST/HST, PST, payroll, WSIB)? International tax issues? Overwhelmingly large tax bill? Income garnishment, tax lien? That is our specialty as » Read More

Tax Representation Canada

When do you need a tax representative? When a taxpayer has a complicated tax situation that needs extra attention, we always recommend that Professional Tax Representation be used. Representation is also useful if a taxpayer does not have the time or desire to speak to the CRA on their own. Why use a tax representative? » Read More