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Why You Should Hire a Tax Accountant

When it comes to hiring a tax accountant. Hiring an inexperienced accountant with no expertise and knowledge specifically in taxes will not in any ways help you rather at points can harm your overall situation alright. Filing your tax returns every year is an obligation on every citizen and every year it is the same question » Read More

What makes a good Tax Accountant?

If you run a small business or you are an individual filing your annual tax return in Canada, your tax accountant will remain a crucial person for you in your tax issues. When you go out on a search for a tax accountant, you will find out that there are various kinds of accountants and » Read More

The Questions You Should Ask Your Tax Accountant As a Canadian Business Owner

Filing of taxes cannot be described as a pleasant task. It is a time of stress for small business owners. They definitely require the help of an adept tax accountant to help them with their tax issues before the filing deadlines. You have to be aware of the key questions that you have to ask » Read More

Filing of Corporation Income Tax Toronto

For corporations in Canada who want to claim the small business deductions when filing corporation income tax Toronto or other Canadian cities such as Calgary, Vancouver, the net tax rate effective from January 2012 has been 15%. The corporation is a popular business structure form in Canada. This is because the distinction in liability protection for » Read More

Toronto Tax Accountant Help You With Tax Issues

Dealing With Tax Issues With Toronto Tax Accountant Taxation can turn out to be complicated and overwhelming regardless of whether you are a big corporation or sole proprietorship company. It may be difficult for those who have run into tax issues such as falling behind your returns or discrepancies with tax assessment. A tax accountant » Read More

All Taxpayers in Canada Need Reliable a Tax Accountant

When the tax deadlines loom every year, Canadians are busy looking for a tax accountant in order to help reduce their tax load. Certain legislative changes in the past few years have allowed a specialized tax accountant to be more involved with CRA tax troubles. Knowledge and expertise of a specialized tax accountant comes in handy when there is a » Read More

Responsibilities of a Tax Representative

A tax representative has to cover for his client as a tax consultant, accountant, and an expert witness; all rolled into one. An authorized tax representative has to protect the interests of his or her clients. The representative has to agree that there will be no information disclosed concerning a client to a third party and also will not » Read More

Tax Preparation for Individuals and Businesses

Canadian tax rules and guidelines seem to change each year. It seems that tax system is forever complicated. Tax doesn’t have to be a hassle, in fact, with the right tax preparation team, tax season can be downright rewarding. If you live in Toronto or other cities in Canada and are concerned about your tax » Read More

Tax Audit Help in Toronto

Tax audit risks Every business and individual in Canada who pays taxes can be selected for an audit regardless of whether there are irregularities in their tax returns or not. Audits are conducted for a number of reasons, including those with tax return problems and others who are randomly selected by a computer program. In » Read More

Professional Canadian TAX Accountants

Are you facing any of the following tax issues? Issues on back taxes, late taxes, unfilled taxes? Personal, self-employed business, Corporate and business tax issues? Unreported Income, under-reported income? Issue with tax audit (Income tax, GST/HST, PST, payroll, WSIB)? International tax issues? Overwhelmingly large tax bill? Income garnishment, tax lien? That is our specialty as » Read More