Professional Canadian TAX Accountants

Are you facing any of the following tax issues?

  • Issues on back taxes, late taxes, unfilled taxes?
  • Personal, self-employed business, Corporate and business tax issues?
  • Unreported Income, under-reported income?
  • Issue with tax audit (Income tax, GST/HST, PST, payroll, WSIB)?
  • International tax issues?
  • Overwhelmingly large tax bill?
  • Income garnishment, tax lien?

That is our specialty as Canadian Tax Accountants!

When you have complicated Canadian tax matters, there are very few Canadian tax accountants and lawyers who can handle the task. Most of them, due to the complexity of the issues, will stay clear from this filed. However, solving complicated tax problems is all we do!

Tax 911 Now has experienced Canadian Tax Accountants who practice exclusively on special tax field providing tax services to tax clients who have urgent or complicated tax issues such as those we listed above.

To better help clients, we provide full services so that clients can solve their complicated tax problems under one roof. We can prepare your bookkeeping in house; we can prepare your tax returns in house, be it personal, be it self-employed business, be it corporation, be it payroll, we represent you to deal with the taxman, we negotiate tax settlement, etc. as experienced Canadian Tax Accountants, we do it all.

Our satisfied clients are pleased as we provided them with exceedingly high quality of tax services on tough tax problems. Those clients would not even dream of dealing with a complex tax matter without our professional Canadian tax accountants’ help.

Do you have “Impossible”? “Unsolvable” tax problems? Tax 911Now’s team of tax experts and tax accountants will help.

We are excited about the challenge of trying to solve “impossible” or “unsolvable” Canadian tax problems.

If you have a complicated Canadian tax issue, you do not want to wait for long time to get some help as most of those tax problems are serious and urgent in nature – you probably want to fix it as soon as possible by effective tax accountants!

We strive to provide fast resolution to your tax problems! For example, in most cases, if we get a client with tough tax issue, we will start to take action immediately in the first appointment. It is a rewarding experience for us to see that clients walking in appearing stressed and walk out with sign of big relief!

Tax 911 Now’s Tax Service Range

Our Tax services include Tax Help, CRA Tax Help, Help with tax problems, CRA Tax Relief,  Tax Relief ASAP, CRA Problem Resolution, Tax Resolution Services, Tax Negotiator, Voluntary Disclosure Program, VDP, Tax Amnesty, Tax Repair, Tax Expert, Tax Issues, Tax Advisor, Tax Help by Licensed Tax Professional, Efile, Efiler, Tax Attorney, Accountant Help, Sales Tax Help, CRA Audit Help, Tax Audit, Tax Problem, Tax Lien, CRA Help, Back taxes, Unfiled tax returns, Past Due Returns, Emergency Tax Help, Tax Return Preparation, Payroll Tax Problem, Tax Levy Release, Wage levy Relief, Wage garnishment release, CRA Problem Solver, CRA Tax Settlement Negotiation.

What You Need to Do Immediately to Fix Your Tax Problems?

If you feel you will be caught by CRA pretty soon or you have received letters or calls or personal visit from the tax man, then you cannot afford to wait any longer! Do something to resolve your tax problems.

The first step is to stop procrastinating and running. Take action today!

Hire seasoned tax accountants who are qualified and have the experiences to help you solve tax problems. Many people try to handle their tax problems themselves and failed terribly.

Get Tax help TODAY by calling Tax 911 Now team at 877-918-2991 or go to Contact page.

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Our Free No Obligation Consultation & Rate Guarantee

To begin with, we offer first time RISK FREE unlimited time consultation just to help you to understand the depth and complexity of your tax problems. We will also provide you the recommended steps to take to fix your tax problems. It is no obligation and thus it is completely up to you to decide what to do from there.

If you do decide to engage us to fix your tax problems, we provide price match guarantee within the entire tax negotiation industry.