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Most Common Tax Debt Problems & Solutions

Tax debt problems include different types, such as CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) tax debt problems; Provincial tax debt problems. For instance: Income tax owing problems, tax debts, sales tax debt problems, etc. All levels of Tax authorities are becoming more and more aggressive to collect the tax debts.

When taxpayers receive the tax debt notice, they should seek help from tax professionals who are specialized in this tax problem resolution field.

Same thing when taxpayers receive collection letters threatening levying and garnishing their income such as wages or business income, or the bank levy letter for their bank accounts, taxpayers should get immediate help for their tax problems before it is too late.

The most common solutions to resolve your tax debt problems are:

  • Full Payment: if you can afford it, it makes sense to pay it off right away since the interests are compounded daily no stop till the full balance is paid off.
  • Pay The Correct Tax Only: if you believe the tax amount is not correct, then you can just pay the amount that you believe is reasonable and try to fight for the correct assessment.
  • File for Tax Relief: to ask for tax debt reduction due to the uncontrollable financial hardships or families tragedy, nature disasters, etc. to reduce the penalties or interests you have to pay. In many cases, the tax penalties and interests can be as much as the tax principle amount.
  • Payment Plan: if the solutions above do not apply to you. For instance, you owe a large debt and have no money to pay a lump sum, to avoid legal action, a tax payment plan can be negotiated on your behalf. Finding people who specialize in such payment plan arrangement is critical to your payment plan success as CRA tends to reject payment plans if they believe you can afford to pay more.

CRA released public records on their tax alert that intimidate the taxpayers. In the published cases, some people or business get huge tax fine while others get imprisoned. People can reasonably assume that this type of threatening messages to the public are here to stay and will be continued into the future!

So, do you have a tax problem that bothers you? Do yourself a favor and take action to resolve your tax problems.

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