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Why Need Professional Help With Tax Problems Canada?

Regardless of whether or not there is a recession, there will be people who are suffering hardship, and if you are one of them, you could find yourself at odds with the CRA. When you suffer tax problems Canada Tax 911 Now has many highly experienced tax professionals who will be able to give you advice and work alongside you when it comes to dealing with the CRA.

You may think you are capable of dealing with the CRA and this can be a dangerous way to think. They have just one aim and that is to get you to pay your tax and they have no concern for you or how you will manage to pay your bills. If you find that you are facing tax problems Canada we have a system that makes sure that you have to pay what you owe. Agreeing to this on your own may not be the best way to go and you will get a better deal if you have someone carry out the negotiations on your behalf. Some people may say they can help you to deal with the tax problems Canada the Canada Revenue Agencies have presented, but you need to make sure they are up to the job. If they do not have the tax knowledge, then they may not put your case across very well.

There could be many reasons why you now owe money to the CRA and you have to have someone who knows the ins and outs of the tax policies to help you determine that. It is no good arguing one rule when it is not appropriate for the situation.  Regardless of your tax problems Canada, the tax authority needs to be respected and unless there is a good case put forward, there is no way that you will have your tax situation rectified to your satisfaction.

With tax professionals like Tax 911 Now’s team, you will be able to have a free consultation so as you can explain the situation to a professional and they will be able to tell you if you have a case or not when it comes to the tax problems Canada. Just because you are not happy with the amount you have to pay, or realize that you will have a problem paying it, does not mean that you can get away from paying the full amount.

Sometimes you will have to accept the situation and deal with the fact that when it comes to you and your tax problems Canada, the CRA officials may have the upper hand.  That is why your tax problems Canada based will need to be dealt with by someone who is incredibly experienced. If the case has progressed so as you have liens on your property it is more important than ever the person putting forward your case is experienced.

Best Practices in Dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (the CRA)

It is a well-known fact that dealing with the CRA is never an easy task.  To make things worse, the combination of dealing with the most confusing and complicated statutes ever written by tax lawyers, and dealing with the CRA, one of Canada’s most powerful and sophisticated agent, can prove to be challenging to even the most experienced tax professionals.  Taxpayers should never even think that they can resolve their tax problems easily or quickly on their own without professional help.

Always remember that what you say to the CRA can be harmful to your case.  As the information you provide to the CRA can be used against you. It doesn’t matter how friendly the CRA agents seem to be. Their jobs are to collect tax revenue, not to protect your interests.

Typically, professional help can ensure you pay the least and legitimate amount of tax.  However, there will be a fee involved for any professional service in dealing with the CRA’s tax problems. As taxpayer, you need to weight the costs and benefits of hiring a professional help while making sure the overall benefits outweigh the costs.  The bottom line is that at the end of day you are financially better off after professional fees are paid.

When dealing with the CRA, just like dealing with court system, you need to keep good documentation or proof.  Keep a good log of the communications with CRA agent including after talking to the CRA over the phone, write down what you said, and what was the response from the CRA; write down the details such as the number, the date and the time of calls you made to the CRA, and more importantly the agent ID and name of the agent you spoke to.  The CRA has many agents with different levels assigned to them answering the calls – and without a way to track the person you spoke to – you might as well not bother with writing down anything.

Another good practice is for you to try to pay some or full amount of tax owing whenever possible because this will stop the interests compounded daily from growing. Some people worry about paying taxes is a sign of admitting guilt. That is far from the truth. The payment itself will not be treated as if you have accepted defeat.  If you end up being right after the fight, that money you prepaid will be refunded.

The Canadian tax system works on the voluntary basis therefore taxpayers are under obligation to correctly report and paying the taxes owed.  If the CRA comes after you because you did not file one time or pay the tax owed, you are required to pay penalties, interest on the amount you should have paid.  As a rule of thumb, every seven to ten years the principal can be doubled depending on the interest rates. Many taxpayers are overwhelmed when they discover that of the large tax debts they owe, half is the interests.

Paying the tax debts as early as you can may become one of the best actions you’ve ever taken; even if you can’t pay it off in a lump sum, do make a budget to start paying it by installment and do it immediately.  Believe it or not, trying to resolve any tax problems with the CRA can take long time. For instance, tax dispute or tax relief with the CRA can take years.

CRA Tax Audit Problem

There is nothing more unsettling and unpleasant than CRA tax audit problems that can engage a myriad of consequences. For example, you have just received a notice that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Auditor is going to audit your tax return. 


CRA tax audit problem and consequences

When you face CRA tax audit problems, this is when you either decide that you do have a clear trail and the audit actually will vindicate your tax return, or you realize there is trouble ahead because your tax records are either skimpy or questionably supportive. The latter, of course, could result in subsequently receiving a Proposal Letter from CRA auditor with its findings for reassessment and taxes due.

During CRA tax audit, the auditor allows you to respond to a Proposal Letter with documentation further supporting the initial tax return within 30 days. Will you be able to provide that further documentation? Your CRA tax audit problem will be compounded if you decide, nevertheless, to defend the integrity of your initial return. You will be faced with filing systematic disputes and appeals each with varying rules, guidelines and responsive deadlines.


The potential costs of a CRA tax audit problem

Your CRA tax audit problems might drag on for months or longer. The end result could be a losing battle with additional taxes owing. It could also waste your valuable time. Now you will be responsible for a reassessed tax with possible penalties and compounded interest snowballed daily. This unexpected turn of events also might burden you with the stress of a lump sum tax payment for which you have to negotiate installment payments. Perhaps, the whole matter will no longer be viewed as unsettling and unpleasant but absolutely nightmarish.

Professional help on your CRA tax audit problem

Do not waste time worrying about an audit notice after the filing of your tax return. Seek professional help to save your time, cut the stress and the tax bill. At Tax 911Now, we have the knowledge and expertise to review your tax returns, identify the rationale for a CRA audit and devise the most effective method of handling your CRA tax audits. In any event, proven experience overshadows the false confidence of self help books and DIY (do it yourself) method trying to figure out things on the internet. Our team at Tax 911 Now will be able to guide you through all issues with their knowledge, experience and professionalism in handling CRA audits and resulting disputes and appeals.


Contact Tax 911 Now for your CRA tax audit problem!

You can contact Tax 911 Now to schedule a free consultation. Our tax consultant will give you a free Tax Analysis. Tax 911 Now is located at 129 Telson Road, Suite #100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4. If you prefer, simply call 1-877-918-2991 to talk with a tax consultant to help you begin clearing up your tax problems quickly, completely and affordably. Tax 911 Now services Toronto, York Region, Durham and more regions across Canada. Also visit the Tax 911 Now website at

Facing CRA Tax Problems?

Facing tax problem put a great deal of stress on an individual. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is trying to undergo a CRA tax problem alone. This can prove to be detrimental to one’s financial and emotional well being. Therefore, anyone who is about to experience a CRA tax problem in Toronto and other regions should seek out the necessary help from qualified individuals in order to better understand their tax problems and the options that they have available to them. Having tax problems and dealing with the tax agency can be a scary experience for many individuals. Having the assistance that is provided from Tax 911 Now is invaluable for anyone who is about to experience a CRA’s challenge in Toronto and surrounding areas. 


Having Tax Problems?

Virtually everyone has tax problems at one time or another. The problems may be through no real fault of the individual in question or they may be because the individual did not take the time to fully understand what their duties and obligations were concerning their taxes. Working with a tax consultant based in Toronto can help them to better understand what their duties and obligations are. Tax consultant also helps people to better understand what their options are if they are facing a CRA tax problem in Toronto. Getting help from a qualified representative at Tax 911 Now helps people to better understand what they are truly facing and how they can work through it successfully. Services are provided in Toronto, York and Durham Regions plus surrounding areas.

Need Tax Relief for Large Tax Debts Owing?

Tax relief is essential for any individual with large tax debts to protect their financial health. More importantly, taxpayer relief Toronto is something that can be provided by qualified individuals who understand the tax laws and how they apply to each individual’s circumstances. Many people choose to speak with a tax consultant Toronto because they are unsure of how to proceed with their taxes given their circumstances or they are looking for some type of tax relief because they are unable to pay at the current rate.

Revenue Canada Tax Audits

The main thing that you you should know about a CRA audit is that it does not have to be a frightening experience as long as you work closely with qualified tax consultants to help you better understand your situation. It is important that you contact a representative from Tax 911 Now as quickly as possible in order to ensure that you have the greatest amount of time to fully understand your tax situation and possible outcomes. To find out more information you can call 1-877-918-2991. For a more personal meeting you can come for a visit. The office is located at 129 Telson Road, Suite #100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4.

The Benefits of Getting CRA Tax Appeal Help in Toronto

The Canada Revenue Agency is a federal agency that is set in place to administer the enforcement of income tax laws that are amended in the Tax Act every year by parliament. Since the CRA does not make the law, their interpretation of the act can differ from those of taxpayers and often a taxpayer may feel as if they were told they had to pay too much. Fortunately, for taxpayers, there are steps they can take in order to go about getting a second assessment. You don’t have to let the CRA audit Toronto take you for more money than you know you should be paying.

Should you feel that the CRA audit has not correctly assessed the amount of taxes you should be paying, it’s encouraged that you promptly appeal the assessment and open a case of dispute. You’ll have 90 days to file an objection, if you miss the deadline, you legally lose your right to appeal and you’ll be stuck having to pay the assessed tax. Should you find yourself in need of a CRA appeal experts, who can assist you in determining whether or not you may have a chance of filing a successful objection based on if they believe, in fact, the CRA audit has made an error.

Tax 911 Now is dedicated to helping those located in Toronto and surrounding territories that are in need of professional tax assistance. A tax representative can be beneficial to a client in many ways; they can deal with the CRA for you, know the right questions to ask, assure that your case will be properly presented, and therefore heighten the chance of your appeal being granted. Should you fight with CRA alone, without the guidance of a tax representative, you may not have the full knowledge you need to obtain the results you desire and your appeal can likely be rejected. Let an experienced representative from Tax 911 Now help you with your CRA audit Toronto. They’re likely to know a lot more about the rules and regulations that are in the Income Tax Act than you are. They can use that knowledge in fighting against the CRA audit Toronto better to win your case. And since winning your case and getting a reassessment is what you desire, the decision in getting one should be easy.


Need a CRA Appeal expert in Toronto? 

For Toronto CRA tax appeal assistance, you should give Tax 911 Now a call at 1-877-918-2991, or just have a visit where a knowledgeable tax representative is available in person to answer any questions or concerns you may have. These professionals are ready and willing to help you, you just have to take the first step in facing your CRA appeal Toronto. The Tax 911 Now offices are located at 129 Telson Road, Suite #100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4.  Tax 911 Now offers services Toronto, Calgary, Markham, Vancouver and regions across Canada.

Best CRA Tax Audit Help for You and Your Toronto Area Business

Many people or businesses will be, if not have been, audited by CRA tax auditors. It is just a fact of life. Let’s face it, even with the best software, the best intentions and the most rigorous efforts to run a tight ship with every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed, an audit can still be frightening in the heart of individuals and business owners. If the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is slated to put your personal or business earnings under a microscope, you’ll need seriously committed and well-rounded professional CRA tax audit help to find the best CRA tax audit help.


Professional Accountant

You might assume a professional accountant should be enough. After all, a really good accountant understands accounting and numbers. An accountant is in an excellent position to explain your business’s day to day bookkeeping very well. However, an accountant may not have knowledge of the complex tax system. Without such knowledge, even the best accountant may find himself overwhelmed when faced by a determined tax agent. Moreover, an accountant are not trained to be negotiator and thus can not negotiate a best settlement for his client.


Good Tax Attorney

On the other side of the coin, a good tax attorney, while thoroughly versed in the legal aspect of tax system, may not have the needed accounting and bookkeeping know-how to explain your business’s day to day operations. Facing your Toronto tax audit requires  thorough understanding and representation of your personal and business operation. You need people in your corner who understand both accounting and tax/legal systems. Clearly, the best CRA tax audit help offered at Tax 911 Now embrace both the accounting and legal aspects inherent to a tax audit of your personal or business earnings.

Fortunately, the best CRA tax audit service is available with local offices in the Toronto, York and Durham areas. Your Toronto business may not have an expensive and impressive pool of attorneys and accountants on staff like other big businesses do. Yet, with CRA tax audit help available through Tax 911 Now, there’s no need.

Dedicated Tax Audit Experts

Tax 911 Now is manned by dedicated, compassionate professionals determined to help you and your business. No matter the problems involve unfiled taxes, unreported income, tax levies or tax garnishments, our service can and will help you. Tax 911 Now’s professionals know accounting, tax as well as CRA’s complex rule and regulations. They understand the tax system and they know how to negotiate for their clients. Tax 911 Now’s CRA tax audit help offer the prevention of an unfair tax assessment.

For your personal or Toronto-based business CRA tax audit help, call Tax 911 Now today at 1-877-918-2991. Find us online at or come for a visit. You’ll find us at 129 Telson Road, Suite # 100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4.

CRA Tax Appeal & Objection

There are times taxpayers believe that the CRA has unfairly assessed them. If errors are not corrected, The taxpayers will end up paying extra taxes that they do not owe. Some are very significant. If you believe that you should not owe the amount of taxes that CRA has assessed and the amount is big, then you should stand up for your right as the taxpayer.

There are deadlines for you to file a tax appeal.
If you do decide to file a tax appeal, then you need to file it within the timelines dictated by tax law, which is 90 days after you receive the Notice of Assessment or Reassessment.

The CRA has to cease legal collection actions once you file a tax appeal.
The CRA can take legal actions to collect their taxes, such as income garnishment, liens against taxpayer’s property, they can direct sheriffs to sell taxpayers’ assets, freeze taxpayer’s bank accounts. Only tax appeal can effectively stop the legal collection actions.

Tax appeal is a serious and complicated matter.
In fact, the tax appeal process is so complicated that most accountants do not feel comfortable dealing with it on their clients’ behalf. For this reason, the help of experienced tax professionals is very important.

Seasoned tax professionals will be able to perform effective negotiation on your behalf with CRA.

The first step is to stop procrastinating and running. Take action today!

Hire someone who is qualified and has the experience to help you solve tax debt problems. Many people trying to do the tax appeal themselves quit halfway due to the complexity of the matter.

Get an experienced tax professional TODAY by calling Tax 911 Now team at 877-918-2991

We have won so many tax appeal cases for clients, who in turn shared their positive experiences and appreciation in their testimonials.

Our Free No Obligation Consultation & Rate Guarantee

To begin with, we offer first-time RISK-FREE consultation. There is no obligation and it is completely up to you to decide what to do from there.

Our tax services are offered in the following cities in Canada:

  • Toronto
  • Markham
  • Vancouver
  • Calgary

Get Tax Appeal Help TODAY by calling Tax 911 Now team at 877-918-2991

Tax Audit Help Toronto, Tax Audit Help Canada

Need Tax Audit Help Toronto, Canada?

Need Tax Audit Help Toronto, Canada?

Each year countless Toronto residents live in fear of having their tax returns audited by the CRA in Canada. If you ever get a notice from the CRA about being audited, you should turn to professionals, like the tax team at, for tax audit help Toronto. Tax payer audit help Toronto is available or anyone who received audit notice sent by CRA demanding verification of tax reported.

Tax audit prevention

The first preventive step one can take to avoid a tax audit is to hire a tax accountant to file your returns for you. Business owners, especially, need to hire a tax accountant to keep track of all of their financial records. Audits can still happen, but they will not be as worrisome if you hire a reputable tax resolution firm that has experts in the tax system on board, such as ex CRA agents.

Bring all information to your meeting

Before you go in for professional tax audit help Toronto, Canada gather up all of your financial records and take them with you. That way a skilled tax lawyer can take a look at your tax situation and devise a tax resolution plan for you. Under Canadian law, taxpayers are supposed to keep copies of their financial records for at least six years, so take all the papers your tax resolution services tells you to bring. Tax resolution professionals are experts at devising the best plan for people that need tax audit help Toronto.

Undergoing an audit by the Canadian Review Agency is one of the most stressful things. You will want to make sure you to enlist the services of a professional tax firm that specializes in tax audit help Toronto. When you hire professional tax audit help Toronto, you can let them handle the audit for you. In fact, the less time you spend talking to the auditor, the better.

Let your tax representatives do all the talking for you. Tax resolution firms that have ex CRA agents and skilled tax specialists on staff are the best to use when you need tax audit help Toronto. Contact tax911now if you need tax audit help Toronto Canada.

Tax Alert: CRA Tax Audit on Condo Flippers


In recent few months, major news medias warned the public about upcoming CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) condo tax audits. Financial Posts and The Toronto Star published that the Canada Revenue Agency is undergoing tax audits of condo sales to check for non compliance with the Income Tax Act.

The focus of the audit is to determine whether the profit from your condo sale is treated as “capital gains” (where only 50% is taxable) or as “income” (where 100% of the gain is taxable).  The CRA is particularly concerned with “assignment” transactions where the person buys a pre-construction condo but subsequently sales the right to buy the condo before its final closing.  In the past, builders are not required to disclose the names of the original purchaser but under new CRA rules they may have to disclose them.

People who have assigned multiple properties over the year or even the last few years will have difficulty persuading the CRA that these transactions should be treated as capital gains rather than income.

CRA is also going after people who take possession of the condo unit but sale it shortly after the date of closing, typically shorter than year and a half. Planning and preparation plays a key role in protecting yourself. Most taxpayers have no ideas how to prepare the needed documentation to gain advantage in winning the battle.

If the CRA believes that the transaction is to be reported as income rather than capital gains, the resulting financial consequence can be very costly.  For example, if your gain is $100,000  and CRA deems that this is to be classified as “income” then you must include the entire $100,000 as taxable income in the year of the sale.  If it is capital gains then only $50,000 is taxable.

In addition, CRA will also charge you interest on the taxes that you owe after a reassessment.  For people who did not report the transaction all together, may face hefty gross negligence penalties because of it.

The taxpayer will need to act quickly in gathering evidence and formulating a defence in time to respond to the audit proposal letter.

It happened in the past that taxpayers, out of innocence, had casual conversation with CRA auditor and got irreversible damage out of it. Because the goal of tax auditors, even if the nicest ones, is to get biggest tax revenue possible from you. Then everything you disclosure can be used against you.

It is very important that as soon as you receive CRA audit letter, treat it as high alert and immediately, see professional protection before it is too late. Contact us at 1-877-918-2991 or email or fill out the Contact Form to the top left right away if you are facing serious audit risks.


Guide To Getting CRA Audit Services in Toronto

Many residents in the Toronto area may suddenly find themselves needing tax services. They may not understand what they need to do in order to clear some of these issues that may have come up for them. These residents will want to secure CRA audit Toronto services.

CRA investigation? 

There are a few reasons why people may suddenly find themselves being investigated by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). This is the local governmental body that will be performing reviews of the tax records for citizens. Some may have heard that CRA audit Toronto services are available to them through Tax 911 Now that is dedicated to providing tax audit help Toronto residents can trust. Residents from the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and more will be curious about how they can get help.

Several people out there may have found themselves the target of a review by the CRA. The agency will want to take a closer look at the filings of many taxpayers. They may also be curious about people who tend to owe quite a bit in back penalties. Though there may be many reasons why it might start, it seems that most people will want to take a look at tax audit Toronto services.

Many individuals might be wondering how they can cope with some of the audit notice that they can expect to receive from the CRA. This can place a considerable burden on anyone who may be depending on that kind of income to get by in their lives. The fact is that there are a number of different CRA audit Toronto services for taxpayers in Greater Toronto Area or GTA.

There are actually quite a few different ways that these tax audit services could help these people. They may be looking for ways to make their audit go as smoothly as possible. Most everyday people will be a little confused by the process that occurs during an audit. This is why CRA audit Toronto services are so important to many people out there. The team at Tax 911 Now are actually very dedicated and professional. This means that residents can trust them to deliver CRA audit Toronto services professionally and effectively.

Need tax audit help

Finally, Tax 911 Now will be available to help just about everyone that lives in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and more areas. They feature many tax professionals who understand how to deliver CRA audit Toronto services effectively. Call Tax 911 Now team at 1-877-918-2991 and come for a visit to get help on your tax audits immediately.

5 Tips on Dealing with the CRA

When deciding what to claim and deduct on a small business tax return can be difficult. Some businesses claim too much or too little, which can lead to sticky situations with the CRA in Toronto and may require CRA Tax Amnesty. Here are 5 tips on dealing with the CRA in Toronto so you can be smart with your small or home business and avoid the necessity of CRA Tax Amnesty. For more information on this topic, and CRA Tax Help, visit TAX 911 now for professional help with taxes servicing Toronto, York Region and more. 

  1. You may have a business without even knowing it. A business is simply defined as “any activity for profit.” Even if something is a hobby, if money changes hands, it is a business as far as the CRA is concerned. If has been mistaken in the past with your business, CRA Tax Amnesty is a way to disclose unreported information. 
  2. The size of the business does not have as big of an effect on how much exemption a small business is allowed. There is a “Small Supplier Exemption,” but it does not apply to all types of businesses. If the business is selling tangible goods, you must collect and remit PST, or RST. For more information on PST, contact Tax 911 now. 
  3. A home business does not automatically qualify you for all deductions in Toronto. A few, like the ‘business use-of-home tax deduction,’ will allow you to use house maintenance and ownership costs as deductions, but the same rules generally apply for all kinds of businesses in Ontario. The same applies with entertainment expenses. A business may only claim 50 percent of entertainment costs. Anything not reported or over-reported can be amended with CRA Tax Amnesty. 
  4. Writing off the equipment must be done over several years using a ‘capital cost allowance’. The amount that can be claimed each year depends on which class the piece of equipment is in. The most general class, class eight, which means you can claim 20 percent of the cost of the equipment each year. Furniture and machinery are examples of class eight items. 
  5. If encountered by an Audit from the CRA in Toronto, it is best to have all documents and records well-kept and ready. An audit is an inspection of a companies records. It will usually take 2-3 weeks, and may include a visit to the business site. If information has been filed incorrectly according to these 5 tips, a CRA Tax Amnesty application may be required. 

Reliable and specific information beyond these five tips on dealing with CRA Tax help in Toronto is available to you at Tax 911 now. The staff is dedicated to helping you with any tax needs. You can reach Tax 911 now at 1-877-918-2991, or come in for a visit at our office.

Need CRA Tax Amnesty VDP in Toronto?

The CRA Voluntary Disclosure Program, also known as VDP or CRA Tax Amnesty Program, will help taxpayers get a considerable boost that they can use to get over any tax hurdles. VDP can also be a confusing process, since the process may require several different types of paperwork depending on which type of disclosure you choose. All of these are excellent reasons why someone will want to get help from professionals like Tax 911 Now.

Why Consider CRA VDP or Tax Amnesty Program?

Just about anyone could suddenly find themselves having tax trouble with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). They may have simply forgotten to file tax returns due to life circumstances or missed some information unknowingly when filing tax returns. This may have some surprisingly difficult consequences that you will need to deal with as you move forward. If you live in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and more areas, you will want to take a look at the resources at your disposal. Consider contacting Tax 911 Now if you would like to get the help you need to move forward. Tax 911 Now can provide a number of viable options under CRA Tax Amnesty or VDP program to reduce your overwhelming tax burden.

The Benefits of CRA Tax Amnesty or VDP Program

You might also be wondering what tax benefits you could get out of this tax amnesty or VDP program. To understand this, you may need to find out how much money you might owe to the government. They will expect that you pay this back with penalties, unless you enroll in an amnesty program. Many people can save quite a bit of this money if they get approval with  CRA tax amnesty or VDP program.

Some people might be a little skeptical and curious how a CRA tax amnesty might work for them. These programs will typically be negotiated with the Canadian Revenue Agency once you get started. Sometimes, the agency will be able to waive all penalties or some of the interest that you owe to them. This will typically be in exchange for fulfilling a few different provisional agreements. If you follow through some of these provisions of CRA tax amnesty, you will be able to save a substantial amount of money.

Call Tax 911 Now to get help with CRA Tax Amnesty or VDP program.

Finally, be sure to get an initial consultation with an agent through Tax 911 Now about CRA VDP / tax amnesty. They can give you some good advice about what you might be able to expect to get. Anyone who lives in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and more will want to think about getting these services. Call 1-877-918-2991 before it is too late.