The Benefits of Getting CRA Tax Appeal Help in Toronto

The Canada Revenue Agency is a federal agency that is set in place to administer the enforcement of income tax laws that are amended in the Tax Act every year by parliament. Since the CRA does not make the law, their interpretation of the act can differ from those of taxpayers and often a taxpayer may feel as if they were told they had to pay too much. Fortunately, for taxpayers, there are steps they can take in order to go about getting a second assessment. You don’t have to let the CRA audit Toronto take you for more money than you know you should be paying.

Should you feel that the CRA audit has not correctly assessed the amount of taxes you should be paying, it’s encouraged that you promptly appeal the assessment and open a case of dispute. You’ll have 90 days to file an objection, if you miss the deadline, you legally lose your right to appeal and you’ll be stuck having to pay the assessed tax. Should you find yourself in need of a CRA appeal experts, who can assist you in determining whether or not you may have a chance of filing a successful objection based on if they believe, in fact, the CRA audit has made an error.

Tax 911 Now is dedicated to helping those located in Toronto and surrounding territories that are in need of professional tax assistance. A tax representative can be beneficial to a client in many ways; they can deal with the CRA for you, know the right questions to ask, assure that your case will be properly presented, and therefore heighten the chance of your appeal being granted. Should you fight with CRA alone, without the guidance of a tax representative, you may not have the full knowledge you need to obtain the results you desire and your appeal can likely be rejected. Let an experienced representative from Tax 911 Now help you with your CRA audit Toronto. They’re likely to know a lot more about the rules and regulations that are in the Income Tax Act than you are. They can use that knowledge in fighting against the CRA audit Toronto better to win your case. And since winning your case and getting a reassessment is what you desire, the decision in getting one should be easy.


Need a CRA Appeal expert in Toronto? 

For Toronto CRA tax appeal assistance, you should give Tax 911 Now a call at 1-877-918-2991, or just have a visit where a knowledgeable tax representative is available in person to answer any questions or concerns you may have. These professionals are ready and willing to help you, you just have to take the first step in facing your CRA appeal Toronto. The Tax 911 Now offices are located at 129 Telson Road, Suite #100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4.  Tax 911 Now offers services Toronto, Calgary, Markham, Vancouver and regions across Canada.