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Unreported PayPal Business Income


Recent news alerted all Canadian online business owners that their PayPal Business Accounts will be handed over to the CRA. This will have serious tax consequences if they have Unreported PayPal Business Income. This news is a result of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) moving forward to aggressively address non-compliance specifically unreported income or underground economy.

This news sparked wide spread of panic and fear amongst previous calm and orderly online Canadian business community. The reasons are obvious:

The disclosed files could allow the CRA to identify people who have Unreported PayPal Business Income meaning that had business income from PayPal that were either never reported or under-reported. Further more,  for those online businesses with more than $30,000 in business revenue over 12 months, which means they should be registered to collect and remit the GST/HST.

This disclosure also may identify people or corporations who owe corporate or personal income taxes. If caught Unreported PayPal Business Income, they will have to pay the tax, plus penalties and interest. If the tax avoidance is deliberate, it could be considered tax evasion and result in a criminal charge.

Unreported Paypal Business Income 911

Unreported income with Unreported PayPal Business Income is regarded as tax evasion which can result in a range of civil or criminal penalties. Do not allow this mistake to become a crime that cannot be retracted, act now before CRA sends you a notice!

You need to quickly come to us before CRA initiates any action against you for Unreported PayPal Business Income.  As soon as CRA initiates the contact, then it is too late. It could be one letter in the mail, one phone call, one personal visit, etc.

The CRA can initiate criminal charges against individuals and businesses that are suspected to intentionally evade taxes for their Unreported PayPal Business Income. A conviction in such cases usually results in a fine of up to two hundred percent of the tax evaded or imprisonment of up to five years.

If you have done similar maneuver in your taxes with Unreported PayPal Business Income, then you need to seek independent and professional advice from reputable tax firm that specialized in tax crisis relief!

If you have Unreported PayPal Business Income, then you cannot afford to wait any longer! Do something to resolve your tax problems TODAY!

We have helped clients in reducing their tax damage and negotiated excellent settlement for them. Do you need protection services for Unreported PayPal Business Income outside Canada? We have helped Canadians from all over the world to repair the damage caused by their Canadian tax problems.

Our initial consultation is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. You will get comprehensive analysis of your tax problems and recommended solutions in the first meeting. Then you can decide what to do from there.

Taking Advantage of Tax Amnesty Offer by the CRA

When there is a situation where you have to take up the tax amnesty offer provided by the CRA, it is advisable to seek expert professional advice on these tax matters. Tax amnesty offers a second chance to the Canadian residents who have not filed their taxes regularly and are feeling nervous about it. After all, it can be deemed as a criminal offence if you do not file your tax returns.

Many taxpayers, whether they are individuals or business corporations, have a cause to worry if there are any unfiled tax returns or cases of income which have not been reported accurately. There may have been cases of overstated expenses too. There is a tendency that if a taxpayer does not file an income tax return for any single year, he or she try to hide while filing subsequent returns of taxes. They are scared of the possible consequences and the reaction from CRA.

The tax system in Canada is self-assessment based. It means that the residents are required by law to file their income tax returns and also include all their sources of income that involve foreign earnings or other offshore income. As the system is rather complicated, many taxpayers evade from reporting deliberately.

Taking the tax amnesty route is a possible way for the taxpayers to declare by coming forward all their tax returns which they had not filed earlier. There are few tax firms in Canada that specialize in handling tax amnesty and voluntary disclosure program. They deal with the CRA to prepare tax returns and to file for tax amnesty for their clientele.

Any taxpayer who has not filed his or her income tax returns or not filed GST returns can take advantage of the CRA’s tax amnesty offers. This stands true in cases of income which has not been reported accurately previously, involving tax evasion or earnings from illegal activities. This is the same as using voluntary disclosure or a tax pardon program.

When CRA offers a tax amnesty program, the situation is not something that has to be met with nervousness. By filing a voluntary disclosure and coming forward to report their undeclared income, taxpayers can breathe easy with relief as the process is not unpleasant, particularly when they have their accounts represented by professionals. In the bargain, they also avoid civil or criminal prosecution. They will also save themselves from penalties and have their interest charges reduced.

A taxpayer qualifies for the tax amnesty offer only when

  • CRA establishes that the disclosure is voluntary and that it is accurate and complete.
  • The disclosure involves a penalty.
  • The disclosure includes information which is at least a year past or earlier.

The disclosure by the taxpayer has to be done before CRA approaches that particular taxpayer with a demand to file. The disclosure should not be just to cover up late filing under a year from the due deadline for the purpose of avoiding late filing penalties or prosecution. To be eligible for the Tax Amnesty program, all the conditions above need to be met.


Need a Tax Amnesty Agent?

Need a tax amnesty agent? The perfect place for you to go is Tax 911 now if you are in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and more. We have a long history of helping clients resolve their tax problems. 


Tax Amnesty Agents

Find a tax agent to help you with tax amnesty to determine which option is best in your specific scenario. It is also known as tax pardon or VDP (Voluntary Disclosure Program). If you didn’t file your tax returns or under reported your income, a tax agent at Tax 911 Now is the answer.

If you have late filing tax debts and unreported income, it is essential you go to tax amnesty agent today to resolve your tax issues. They are extremely professional and highly-qualified in the tax industry. They completely understand the CRA and the Voluntary Disclosure as well. If you attempt to deal with it on your own, you have the potential of ruining your chances at tax amnesty.


Extensive History

Tax 911 Now has an extensive history with helping clients resolve their tax problems by filing voluntary disclosures. A major benefit associated with using Tax 911 Now for your tax amnesty agent is the fact that we handle all of the negotiating for you and will reach an excellent settlement. The CRA can be quite aggressive at times and once they contact you, you will lose the privilege of completing voluntary disclosures; therefore, it is essential you act in a timely manner.

Tax amnesty agents in Toronto at Tax 911 Now will be sure to guide you in through the tax process and eliminate the hassle of you having to deal with the CRA. We will orchestrate a strategy for your tax amnesty and take the stress off your shoulders. There is no doubt that Tax 911 Now’s agents are efficient in solving tax problems. We have the necessary training and knowledge in tax issues.


Free Consultation with one of the tax amnesty agents

You can get a free consultation with one of the tax amnesty agents at Tax 911 Now regarding tax amnesty and they will be sure to address all of your needs. Be sure to act quickly before it’s too late and the CRA takes action against you. They will analyze and go over all of your tax problems at the consultation and it will be up to you to decide what you wish to do. There isn’t any pressure involved.

It is evident that Tax 911 Now is the ideal place to go for a tax amnesty agent if you are in the Toronto, York, or Durham Region and other areas across Canada. Don’t worry about your under-reported income or tax penalties any longer, we are here to help you. The tax amnesty agents are very professional and dedicated to their clients. You are more than welcome to come to our location at 129 Telson Road, Suite 100, Markham, ON, L3R 1E4. You may also call us at 1-877-918-2991; feel free to address your tax troubles with us. We are understanding, compassionate people.

Need Tax Amnesty Agents to Help You with the CRA?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has a Voluntary Disclosures Program to assist taxpayers with disclosing information about prior tax affairs that need to be resolved. If you live in Toronto, the York Region or the Durham Region and you are delinquent due to known inaccuracies, incomplete information or a failure to submit your income taxes, Tax 911 Now will assist you in making disclosure to the CRA. The professional tax amnesty agents at Tax 911 Now can shelter you from late filing penalties and prosecution through the program. In some cases, Tax 911 Now may negotiate a reduction in interest on your behalf. 


Tax amnesty agents are the experts

In order to qualify for amnesty, a written submission that discloses your tax liability must be voluntarily provided to the CRA. Participation in the tax amnesty program is totally dependent upon your voluntary disclosure. As such, you must initiate disclosure before an enforcement action is levied against you. If you wait until an enforcement action has been initiated against you, your disclosure is no longer considered voluntary. Tax 911 Now will initiate your voluntary disclosure by providing the CRA with properly documented disclosure information and any necessary supporting documentation. Without proper documentation, your request for amnesty may be delayed or declined.

Toronto area Tax 911 Now tax amnesty agents are experts in getting you amnesty for your personal or business income taxes, GST/HST and charges due and owing under the Income Tax Act. Voluntary disclosure becomes effective on the day that Tax 911 Now amnesty agents contact the CRA on your behalf. A partial disclosure of information is sufficient to establish an effective disclosure date, but you may still be subject to penalties and prosecution for the undisclosed portion of your tax obligations if the undisclosed amount is considered to be substantial. There must be some agreement with the CRA regarding when the undisclosed information will be provided.


Contact tax amnesty agent now before it is too late.

If you are in the Toronto area or other areas across Canada, such as Calgary, Vancouver, etc. and have outstanding tax obligations, you need to contact Tax 911 Now and set up a time to speak with one of our dedicated tax amnesty agents before the government becomes aware of your tax delinquency. That is not to say that you will have no financial responsibility under tax amnesty. You will still be responsible to pay any outstanding taxes owed as well as any applicable interest assessed on the delinquent tax amount at the time of the disclosure. No late filing penalty will be assessed. What you will be given amnesty for is late filing penalties, civil penalties and prosecution. In some cases, a reduction in the assessed interest may be negotiated. The only exception is if it is voluntarily disclosed that you failed to file your return, as opposed to under-reporting income or misappropriating funds on a filed return, you will only be responsible to pay the tax amount owed for that filing.


Payment Plans

You should be prepared to pay your tax obligation, although decreased, in full immediately or request that your Tax 911 Now tax amnesty agent engage you in an affordable payment arrangement. Tax 911 Now agents are expert negotiators who will assess your finances and negotiate the most affordable payment schedule based on your financial situation. Scheduled payments may then be paid directly to the CRA.

If you are located in Toronto, the York Region, the Durham Region or other regions across Canada, call and talk to one of our dedicated and professional tax amnesty agents. Call Tax 911 Now team at 1-877-918-2991.

Tax 911 Now and Tax Amnesty

Falling behind on your taxes is never desirable. However, sometimes there isn’t much you can do about it. Whether you forget to file or you just don’t have the money to pay the taxes, eventually you might lag behind and, without notice, the government can come knocking on your door. Nobody wants to deal with the government and taxes, but if you are behind, that is exactly what is going to happen. Before the government comes calling for the taxes, it is time to give us a call. At Tax 911 Now, we are able to work with you and the government in order to negotiate through tax amnesty program that can control the damage from tax trouble. A tax amnesty is something that is going to drastically help you reduce the amount of money you have to pay. 


What is Tax Amnesty?

When it comes to under-reported taxes or falling behind, there is generally a limited window of opportunity for taxpayers to be able to apply for the tax amnesty program to avoid prosecution, get penalties waived and even have interests reduced. With the help of a professional tax team like we have at Tax 911 Now, the government brings down the amount taxpayers may owe. There are different circumstances that bring about the tax amnesty, with our help, you can find out if you qualify and if it is something that is suitable for you to go through.


What are the Benefits?

There are several benefits of tax amnesty. For starters, you do not have to pay the penalties amount that you normally would. On top of this, you do not have to worry about criminal prosecution, the interests may not be as big when paying the amount back. This way, you only have to pay the set amount back determined by the tax amnesty and no more. This is, of course, as long as you are honest with your tax information. If you make false or incomplete claim, CRA may come back later to audit, you might run into more serious tax issues.

Contact Tax 911 Now before CRA contacts you. Keep in mind, to qualify for the tax amnesty, you need to voluntarily disclose your tax issues. If CRA sends a letter or makes a call to you, then it is too late. You will have no choice but to face heavy penalties, or worse, prosecution. Call us at 1-877-918-2991 Today before it is too late!


CRA Voluntary disclosure program VDP

If you live in the Toronto area, you might be interested in the different tax services that are available to you. There are actually quite a few different programs that are geared towards helping GTA residents get their finances in order. If you have struggled to pay your taxes in the past, read through this helpful guide for some tips.

CRA Voluntary disclosure program (also known as VDP or tax amnesty program)

Many people are confused about tax amnesty program. This is a CRA tax program designed by CRA to encourage people with tax problems such as un-filed taxes, un-reported income, etc. to come out on their own with penalties waived as rewards. The tax amnesty program is also called Voluntary Disclosure Program. You might be curious about just how this CRA tax amnesty program can work for your situation. It will be important to talk to an experienced tax consultant who can help you through this difficult process. All of these issues can be handled by the professionals at Tax 911 Now, who have many years of experience helping people just like you. Remember that these CRA tax amnesty programs can help taxpayers in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and more. We can show you how you can have the hefty tax penalites waived if you agree to a few simple terms. Including making voluntary disclosure; the disclosure must be complete; your tax problems must involve penalties; tax must be more than one year over due, etc. We can also help you to protect your identity by filing no-name disclosure.

CRA tax representation

First, you will likely want to know where you stand in the eyes of the Canada Revenue Agency. There are many people who can likely benefit from getting help from CRA tax representation. If you currently have your wages garnished, you probably feel that this is an unnecessary and painful burden on your life. There are also some people who may be facing large penalties due to unpaid taxes. Don’t get caught unaware by some of these issues, because it can cause fees to mount up surprisingly quickly. You should contact Tax 911 Now to see about the different CRA tax programs that they developed to help Canadians with tax issues.

Are you skeptical?

Finally, there are some who may be a little skeptical. It may seem too good to be true that you can have your tax penalties removed through a CRA tax amnesty program. The terms and conditions may vary somewhat for different types of people, but the CRA tax amnesty option is out there. You will want to make sure that you have tax records from past. Once you have this organized, contact Tax 911 Now at 1-877-918-2991. Come for a visit to Tax 911 Now if you live in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and more.

What You Should Know About Canadian Tax Amnesty?

CRA tax amnesty, also known as Voluntary Disclosure Program or VDP, is when the Canadian government allows a taxpayer to fix a mistake on a previous return or declare income that they had previously left off of their return. The purpose of CRA tax amnesty is to provide the taxpayer with an opportunity to amend a mistake and create a plan to pay a defined amount without fear of criminal prosecution. It is a win-win situation for both the Canadian government and the taxpayer.


Who is Eligible for Tax Amnesty?

There are four main reasons that someone is eligible for CRA tax amnesty. If you have mistakenly declared too many expenses, reduced the amount that you owed by too much, forgot to declare some of your income, or are behind on filing your taxes with the Canadian government then CRA tax amnesty may be right for you. This is a program that helps taxpayers who have made mistakes avoid any potential prosecution for tax evasion or sizeable penalties so it can be beneficial. Visit us in the Toronto, York, or Durham regions or call us if you are elsewhere to determine whether or not you are eligible.


How to Apply for CRA Tax Amnesty?

The Voluntary Disclosure Program or VDP administers CRA tax amnesty through an application process. The tax that is being declared must be at least a year old and is subject to penalty. The application must also be voluntary and complete which means that the CRA has not been in touch with you about previous tax issues and the application must amend all potential mistakes. This is one of the reasons that utilizing a professional tax organization is vitally important when considering tax amnesty in Canada. If done incorrectly, it is possible for the government to consider it tax evasion.


How Does the Process Work?

The process for CRA tax amnesty is essentially a four step one. First, a letter must be sent to the CRA with all the relevant information including the tax year, necessary disclosures, type of tax references. Next, the initial application will be reviewed by the CRA and accepted. The third step is to submit complete information within 90 days of receiving acknowledgement letter. Finally, the CRA will provide confirmation that the CRA tax amnesty has been accepted.


Contact Tax 911 Now!

If you believe that you are a candidate for CRA tax amnesty or have any other questions about taxes then call us at 1-877-918-2991 or stop by for a visit if you live in the Toronto, York, or Durham regions. We look forward to hearing from you soon to help address all your tax questions and effectively ease your concerns. Our dedication to customer service and close attention to detail makes us the ideal one-stop-shop for all tax problems. Visit us at: 129 Telson Road, Suite # 100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E4.

Our tax services are also offered in the following regions:

  • Vancouver
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Need CRA Tax Amnesty VDP in Toronto?

The CRA Voluntary Disclosure Program, also known as VDP or CRA Tax Amnesty Program, will help taxpayers get a considerable boost that they can use to get over any tax hurdles. VDP can also be a confusing process, since the process may require several different types of paperwork depending on which type of disclosure you choose. All of these are excellent reasons why someone will want to get help from professionals like Tax 911 Now.

Why Consider CRA VDP or Tax Amnesty Program?

Just about anyone could suddenly find themselves having tax trouble with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). They may have simply forgotten to file tax returns due to life circumstances or missed some information unknowingly when filing tax returns. This may have some surprisingly difficult consequences that you will need to deal with as you move forward. If you live in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and more areas, you will want to take a look at the resources at your disposal. Consider contacting Tax 911 Now if you would like to get the help you need to move forward. Tax 911 Now can provide a number of viable options under CRA Tax Amnesty or VDP program to reduce your overwhelming tax burden.

The Benefits of CRA Tax Amnesty or VDP Program

You might also be wondering what tax benefits you could get out of this tax amnesty or VDP program. To understand this, you may need to find out how much money you might owe to the government. They will expect that you pay this back with penalties, unless you enroll in an amnesty program. Many people can save quite a bit of this money if they get approval with  CRA tax amnesty or VDP program.

Some people might be a little skeptical and curious how a CRA tax amnesty might work for them. These programs will typically be negotiated with the Canadian Revenue Agency once you get started. Sometimes, the agency will be able to waive all penalties or some of the interest that you owe to them. This will typically be in exchange for fulfilling a few different provisional agreements. If you follow through some of these provisions of CRA tax amnesty, you will be able to save a substantial amount of money.

Call Tax 911 Now to get help with CRA Tax Amnesty or VDP program.

Finally, be sure to get an initial consultation with an agent through Tax 911 Now about CRA VDP / tax amnesty. They can give you some good advice about what you might be able to expect to get. Anyone who lives in the Toronto, York Region, Durham Region and more will want to think about getting these services. Call 1-877-918-2991 before it is too late.

Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP)

As the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) moves forward to aggressively address non-compliance on unreported income or unfiled taxes, it becomes more important that you need to be aware of the Voluntary Disclosures Programs (VDP)

In cases of gross negligence, the Income Tax Act allows the CRA to assess a penalty of up to 50% of the unpaid tax or the improperly claimed benefit. In addition, the court may, on summary conviction, fine them 50% to 200% of the tax evaded, and sentence them to a jail term.

You need to quickly come to us before CRA initiates any action against you.  As soon as CRA initiates the contact, then it is too late. It could be one letter in the mail, one phone call, one personal visit, etc.

Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) Can Be The Perfect Solution

It could be just ONE day late, you lose everything and more! What You Need to Do Now to Fix Your Tax Problems Rather than Getting Your Life Ruined? – Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP)

If you have unreported income, under-reported income, years of late filing with tax owing, then you cannot afford to wait any longer! Do something to resolve your tax problems TODAY!

Hire someone who is qualified and has the experience to help you solve tax problems. Many people try to handle their tax problems themselves, resulting in negative results because they do not understand the complex Voluntary Disclosure well. Keep in mind the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) is more than just a simple form.

We have helped clients in reducing their tax damage by filing voluntary disclosure program (VDP) and negotiated excellent settlement for them. See what happy clients say about our Voluntary Disclosure service in the testimonial.

Do you need VDP services in other parts of Canada? Here is where our services are offered:

  • Toronto
  • Markham
  • Vancouver
  • Calgary

Our initial consultation is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. You will get comprehensive analysis of your tax problems and recommended solutions in the first meeting. Then you can decide what to do from there.