What You Should Know About Canadian Tax Amnesty?

CRA tax amnesty, also known as Voluntary Disclosure Program or VDP, is when the Canadian government allows a taxpayer to fix a mistake on a previous return or declare income that they had previously left off of their return. The purpose of CRA tax amnesty is to provide the taxpayer with an opportunity to amend a mistake and create a plan to pay a defined amount without fear of criminal prosecution. It is a win-win situation for both the Canadian government and the taxpayer.


Who is Eligible for Tax Amnesty?

There are four main reasons that someone is eligible for CRA tax amnesty. If you have mistakenly declared too many expenses, reduced the amount that you owed by too much, forgot to declare some of your income, or are behind on filing your taxes with the Canadian government then CRA tax amnesty may be right for you. This is a program that helps taxpayers who have made mistakes avoid any potential prosecution for tax evasion or sizeable penalties so it can be beneficial. Visit us in the Toronto, York, or Durham regions or call us if you are elsewhere to determine whether or not you are eligible.


How to Apply for CRA Tax Amnesty?

The Voluntary Disclosure Program or VDP administers CRA tax amnesty through an application process. The tax that is being declared must be at least a year old and is subject to penalty. The application must also be voluntary and complete which means that the CRA has not been in touch with you about previous tax issues and the application must amend all potential mistakes. This is one of the reasons that utilizing a professional tax organization is vitally important when considering tax amnesty in Canada. If done incorrectly, it is possible for the government to consider it tax evasion.


How Does the Process Work?

The process for CRA tax amnesty is essentially a four step one. First, a letter must be sent to the CRA with all the relevant information including the tax year, necessary disclosures, type of tax references. Next, the initial application will be reviewed by the CRA and accepted. The third step is to submit complete information within 90 days of receiving acknowledgement letter. Finally, the CRA will provide confirmation that the CRA tax amnesty has been accepted.


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