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Why is it important to get professional Canadian Tax Audit Help?

When you get a letter in your mail from CRA, it is time to get yourself Canadian tax audit help. If you want to handle tax filing and face a tax audit yourself, then it could develop into a nerve racking experience for you. Income tax audits are slowly but surely becoming a certainty just like life and death in Canada, . A tax audit could be frightening but it may not become inscrutable. Success can be achieved in this madness through the right kind of advice from tax audit experts.

A tax audit could be described as a scrutiny of your tax returns. During the process of an audit, a CRA examiner will make an assessment of your tax return, line by line. If something is not found to add properly or if the return includes something which is unusual, the examiner will highlight the errors or discrepancies and will ask you to explain or justify your entries. This is why you need Canadian tax audit help.

When you seek tax audit help in Canada, you will find out that there are different kinds of tax audits. They could be office, correspondence or field audits. Canadian tax audit help will prepare you in how you can avoid such investigations. Through correspondence audit, CRA will examine and correspond through mail. This is usually for the common tax return issues like missing schedules or forms or illegible entries and calculation errors.

In a field audit, you will require tax audit help because the CRA examiner will visit your house in order to verify the information that you have submitted on your tax return for that financial period.

You will require Canadian tax audit help even during an office audit where you have to go to the office of a CRA examiner. The examiner will mostly require your tax accountant or representative to prepare and bring all the documentation such as receipts, pay stubs or account statements.

Once you receive information about a tax audit, you have a month to respond and get adequate Canadian tax audit help.  If you do not agree with the points laid out by the CRA concerning your tax returns, you may appeal their findings. This appeal will be handled by a CRA Appeals Officer and the proceedings may go on for a year or even longer.

If you have taken a client on business entertainment to a restaurant, it could become a business expense that could be justified. When you get Canadian tax audit help, you will be shown how you can maintain the relevant receipts and give out proper explanations for all audit queries.

A period of three years is set aside as a limitations’ statute on the audit of tax returns that were filed within the time limit. If you keep records properly and get professional Canadian tax audit help, you could handle whatever audit inquiries the CRA may have.

CRA Tax Audit Problem

There is nothing more unsettling and unpleasant than CRA tax audit problems that can engage a myriad of consequences. For example, you have just received a notice that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Auditor is going to audit your tax return. 


CRA tax audit problem and consequences

When you face CRA tax audit problems, this is when you either decide that you do have a clear trail and the audit actually will vindicate your tax return, or you realize there is trouble ahead because your tax records are either skimpy or questionably supportive. The latter, of course, could result in subsequently receiving a Proposal Letter from CRA auditor with its findings for reassessment and taxes due.

During CRA tax audit, the auditor allows you to respond to a Proposal Letter with documentation further supporting the initial tax return within 30 days. Will you be able to provide that further documentation? Your CRA tax audit problem will be compounded if you decide, nevertheless, to defend the integrity of your initial return. You will be faced with filing systematic disputes and appeals each with varying rules, guidelines and responsive deadlines.


The potential costs of a CRA tax audit problem

Your CRA tax audit problems might drag on for months or longer. The end result could be a losing battle with additional taxes owing. It could also waste your valuable time. Now you will be responsible for a reassessed tax with possible penalties and compounded interest snowballed daily. This unexpected turn of events also might burden you with the stress of a lump sum tax payment for which you have to negotiate installment payments. Perhaps, the whole matter will no longer be viewed as unsettling and unpleasant but absolutely nightmarish.

Professional help on your CRA tax audit problem

Do not waste time worrying about an audit notice after the filing of your tax return. Seek professional help to save your time, cut the stress and the tax bill. At Tax 911Now, we have the knowledge and expertise to review your tax returns, identify the rationale for a CRA audit and devise the most effective method of handling your CRA tax audits. In any event, proven experience overshadows the false confidence of self help books and DIY (do it yourself) method trying to figure out things on the internet. Our team at Tax 911 Now will be able to guide you through all issues with their knowledge, experience and professionalism in handling CRA audits and resulting disputes and appeals.


Contact Tax 911 Now for your CRA tax audit problem!

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