How To Stop and Release an Income Garnishment

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) may collect the unpaid assessed amounts by way of garnishment. This method may be used to obtain the tax owing by tax payers for the amounts owing to CRA.

Garnishment is usually served on a third party such as a company, financial institution or individual who the CRA believes is liable to make a payment to a tax payer.

The following factors may be considered by CRA prior to commencing garnishment action:

(a) whether an amount is in dispute under the objection or appeal process;

(b) the negative impact of the requirement upon the registrant’s operations;

(c) whether undue hardship will be created for the registrant; and

(d) the payment terms associated with the requirement, where appropriate.

If you owe back taxes to CRA, CRA can garnishee your wage without a court order.

If you are being threatened with a income garnishment by CRA, you need to act immediately. Waiting longer will make your situation worse.

If without any professional help, you may have only one of the three ways to stop an income garnishment:

First, you can contact CRA and attempt to make a deal with them so they will stop the garnishment;  CRA will not make a deal with you until you have complied with the Income Tax Act filing requirement. In addition, CRA requires you to make the payment in full including the interests and penalties if applicable to remove the garnishment.

Second, you can file a consumer proposal, which immediately stops the garnishment for a short period.  CRA will make a decision on the proposal. In general it is difficult to get CRA to accept the proposal.

Finally, you could file bankruptcy in Ontario which also stops the wage garnishment. Bankruptcy is usually the last resort because it can destroy your financial credibility you built up over the years.

Under Tax Professionals’ help, you can have many more options that control the damage to your life so that you can again lead a normal life.

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What You Need to Do Immediately to Fix Your Income Garnishment Problem?

If you feel you will be garnished by CRA pretty soon or you have received letters or calls threatening with a garnishment, then you cannot afford to wait any longer! Do something to resolve your tax problems.

It makes far more sense to address the threat right way, rather than dealing with the financial burden of wage garnishment, bank levy when you need the money most.

The first step is to stop procrastinating and running. Take action today!

Hire someone who is qualified and has the experience to help you solve tax problems. Many people try to negotiate their tax problems themselves, resulting in worsened results.

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How Do You Choose Your Tax Service Providers?

The most important factors to choose your tax service provider are: a. the service provider is competent and experienced. b. the service provider genuinely cares about helping you; c. the costs are reasonable.

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